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April 18, 2015
Host Review: Apex Minecraft

Locating a reliable, cheap Minecraft server host is tough.

We’ve managed to get really simple for you – we evaluate the best Minecraft server hosts, and allow you to select the perfect hosting service for you personally. As the hosts within the table above are exceptional server hosts, they’re rated here due to their persistence for mixing affordable – expensive Minecraft server hosting – with amazing customer care and-quality servers. Fundamental essentials best hosts currently available – undoubtedly, and when you’re searching for a minimal-cost startup server, this is actually the spot to be.

‘Does ‘cheap hosting’ mean bad hosting?’

Definitely not – that’s really type of a dog peeve of everybody at Minecraft Host Reviews. Cheap Minecraft server hosting – to all of us – means cost. No server webhost makes our lists – whether for affordable Minecraft server hosting (like that one!), devoted Minecraft server hosting or good Minecraft server hosting – without concentrating on, and succeeding at, creating AWESOME services, supplying high-quality, lag-free servers, and backing individuals promises track of killer customer care. Any host who makes them lists – in the state of the art MCProHosting towards the stellar beginners at Arkan Hosting – meets these criteria regardless.

‘So, the particular hosts?’

All these hosts curently have a location on the “best Minecraft server hosting” list, although not every server host provides a low-cost option to their standard packages. For individuals searching to have their ft wet with managing a Minecraft server, or students and families searching to increase their cash, these server hosts provide the best value for your money.

‘What if my cheap server isn’t large enough?’

Great question! The super awesome hosts we have in the above list are fully able to scaling your server up to and including bigger plan – and are prepared to get it done without interfering with or re-setting up your overall server! Clients meet to offer you this kind of awesome server, that you would like to upgrade.

‘Are these servers sufficiently strong to experience modded Minecraft?’

Not a chance. Sorry to become so blunt, however these are extremely small, very specialized servers. You’ll have the ability to operate a vanilla Minecraft server on your own and also of pals, but without investing a bit more money, these hosts just cannot supply the processing energy to deal with a powerful (but nonetheless awesome!) mod pack like Feed the Animal or Tekkit. You’ll want to purchase a bigger server size to experience modded Minecraft.

‘How Would You Select the right Cheap Minecraft Server Hosts?’

When examining different website hosts for Minecraft hosting, we checked out numerous factors before we made our pick.

Professional Website – Whenever we select the “best of, ” we search for an expert searching website. You realize, something which clearly required considerable time and wasn’t just thrown available online for. Have a look in the three website hosts we selected, you will see what we’re speaking about.

Reviews – Comments are certainly something you require to seriously consider. We read reviews and phone older clients to obtain the inside scoop across a multitude of people, orders, servers and game modes.

Professionalism – This really is certainly essential. Website hosts should show professionalism, reliability , spelling/grammar in conversation and online ought to be good. Whenever you consult with customer support, you need to feel respected and well-treated.

SSL Certification – That's the eco-friendly padlock icon that seems up top within the address bar. This seal signifies the data online server is safe, so that you can relaxation using the satisfaction of knowing your particulars will be safe.

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