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October 14, 2014
Helpful information on by hand setting up most Minecraft plug ins.
There two methods to by hand use a wordpress plugin in your server:

To set up plug ins in your server you'll need login to Multicraft, choose and prevent your server, and stick to the steps below for setting up plug ins via FTP making use of your User Interface.
1. Should you server isn't already running on Bukkit Minecraft, you have to switch your server to some form of Bukkit. Helpful information on switch your server type are available here.
2. In case your server is running Bukkit and you've got began it at least one time you will notice a folder named "plug ins" when you attend your FTP File Access by your user interface.
3. Click the "plug ins" folder.
4. Upload the preferred wordpress plugin by dragging the file to your plug ins folder.
5. When the upload is finished, click on the red-colored "x" in the upper right from the upload menu. You need to now call at your wordpress plugin within the plug ins folder.
6. Restart your Minecraft server and also the wordpress plugin will install and perhaps produce a folder inside the plug ins folder. This can hold all of the configuration files and the like for that particular wordpress plugin.

You may also install plug ins using a 3rd party FTP program like FileZilla. This informative guide assumes you have adopted the FTP Guide within our knowledgebase and understand hooking up for your server via Filezilla.

1. Connect with your server's FTP file access via Filezilla.
2. Nagivate towards the "plug ins" folder.
3. Drag and drop the jar file in to the folder around the right hands side from the FileZilla screen or right click and upload the file for those who have sailed into it around the left side of the FileZilla screen.
4. Restart your server and also the wordpress plugin will install and perhaps produce a folder inside the plug ins folder. This can hold all of the configuration files and the like for that particular wordpress plugin.

Items to note:
- When the file extension from the wordpress plugin is really a .zip file. You are able to upload the zip file then click the "Unzip" button inside your Multicraft FTP to unzip the wordpress plugin. All plug ins exist as .jar files. B .squat file isn't a wordpress plugin.

- If there's an issue with the wordpress plugin it'll always display a mistake message within the console so it is advisable to refer to the console regulary.

- Make sure that the wordpress plugin works best for your Bukkit version, this is often located on the plugin's Bukkit page.

- If you work with FileZilla. Just upload the plug ins towards the plug ins folder when you go surfing.

- You'll find details about permission nodes, configuration options, and additional installation steps around the particular wordpress plugin page.

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Free Server Hosting (Minecraft)
Free Server Hosting (Minecraft)
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