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September 27, 2022
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Question2. Will data I saved be there basically un-install then re-install this program?


Yes it'll, however, you should support it anyway to become safe and sound.

Question3. I can not find files I saved on my small computer. Where could they be saved?


The files are "Hidden" attribute files. An SD_VOICE folder is produced within the drive root, and also the files are saved there.

Make reference to your Home windows Operating-system user's manual regarding hidden file characteristics.


You can't save files on their own.

Question4. How do i update Voice Editing Software (for Panasonic IC Recorder RR-US361/360)?


No, it can't.

Question5. How do i update Voice Editing Software (for Panasonic IC Recorder RR-US361/360)?


Question6. How do i give my voice files with other people?


When the person you need to send the file to has Voice Editing Software (for Panasonic IC Recorder RR-US361/360), simply employ the Become Mail Transfer Format function to transform it to some VM1 (.pvc) file and send it.

When they do not have it, send "VS2_VM1_Player.exe" together with the VM1 file.

Question7. Can One attach voice files to e-mail?


Yes, you are able to. Make use of the [Become Mail Transfer Format] feature, and send "*.pvc" VM1 files and also the VM2_VM1_Player.exe file by e-mail.


The quality increases should you become WAVE.

Question8. The individual I sent a VM1 file to cannot listen to it.


VM1 files produced with Voice Editing Software (for Panasonic IC Recorder RR-US361/360) can't be performed on earlier versions.

Sent them the "Small Player" taht is incorporated to Voice Editing Software (for Panasonic IC Recorder RR-US361/360) to allow them to take part in the file.

Question9. Do you know the benefits of transforming IC recorder voice files to WAVE format?


WAVE format could be performed on any computer. You may also write them onto a Compact disc-R using writing software, after which play them on the regular Compact disc player.


The Compact disc-R writing software must offer the WAVE formats. Begin to see the operating instructions for that software for particulars.

Question10. How do you convert files to WAVE?


Make use of the conversion feature within the "Voice Editing Software (for Panasonic IC Recorder RR-US361/360)". For particulars, make reference to "Transforming VM1 to WAVE"

Question11. The number of folders can one create under Voice Editing Software (for Panasonic IC Recorder RR-US361/360)?


You may create as much as 999 folders each on rewritable media, just like your computer's hard disk drive.

Question12. The number of files can one save in every folder?


You are able to conserve to 999 files in every subfolder.

Question13. Can One take away the SD Memory or detachable media as the media submissions are displayed in Voice Editing Software (for Panasonic IC Recorder RR-US361/360)?


Yes, you are able to, but make sure to refresh your window later on.

Choose "Refresh" in the [View] menu, or press the F5 key in your keyboard.


Don't take away the media as the program is playing, moving, or transforming the files. This can harm the files.

Question14. The "hardware wizard" made an appearance after i connected the IC recorder to my computer having a USB cable. What must i do?


Which means you haven't installed the best driver. Cancel the hardware wizard and unplug the USB cable. Now install Voice Editing Software (for Panasonic IC Recorder RR-US361/360) in the incorporated Compact disc-ROM. The motive force is installed simultaneously.

Now restart your pc and reunite the USB cable.


There's additionally a driver folder within the cause of the Compact disc-ROM that can be used to set up the motive force by hand.

Question15. I am unable to play files which i moved to some SD Memory.


TRC, ADPCM2, and G.726 formats are incompatible with one another. Become the extendable to match the gear.

Question16. Files I could play in Voice Editing Software (for Panasonic IC Recorder RR-US361/360) don't play after i transfer these to an SD Memory and then try to play them with an IC recorder.


IC recorders are only able to play files designated between MOB001.VM1 and MOB099.VM1 as suggested for the file. Transfer files designated over 100 to a different subfolder (SD_VC001 to SD_VC009).

Question17. Can One play files documented on products produced by others?


Files Voice Editing Software (for Panasonic IC Recorder RR-US361/360) cannot play are marked within the file list, showing that they're not compatible.

Question18. You will find buttons that do not respond when playing from an IC recorder.


The non-active function buttons are suggested for gray.

Question19. What recording mode and quality must i use for the greatest results transforming voice files to text?


Before you convert voice files to text you have to train the consumer.

We highly recommend that you simply choose the "DICTATE" setting around the IC-recorder to attain optimal recognition results.

While using recorder in "MEETING" mode can also be acceptable, however the recording quality should be set to HQ and also the microphone sensitivity should be set to LO (low).

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