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January 14, 2016
Multitrack editor
TwistedWave screenshotTwistedWave can also be available on the web, like a browser-based application! More...

"Twisted Wave is becoming an excellent a part of my voice-over business. It's superb in the simplicity."
โ€” Paul Strikwerda

"Many thanks for any great program!"
(find out more) โ€” Gerald Hall

Simple to use, fast, effective.

TwistedWave is the perfect tool for:

  • Recording. Open TwistedWave, press record. That's how easy it's to begin recording a podcast, an audio lesson or perhaps a concert. When you are recording, place markers having a single answer to remember places you'll have to edit later on. It is in reality a good tool for voice-over artists.
  • Learning. Equalization, compression, restricting, take your pick... In the 100s of accessible Audio Unit or VST plug ins, you'll certainly find the correct one to find the best effect.
  • Transforming files. TwistedWave can read files in several formats.Silence detection Transforming just one file, or perhaps a whole folder of audio recordings in one format to a different is easy.
  • Batch processing many files. You load a listing of seem files in TwistedWave, and it'll instantly cut them, apply fades in/out, equalize, become mp3, or other things.

TwistedWave can be obtained like a completely functional one month demo.

$79.90 Buy Now

You can buy a serial number to unlock TwistedWave for .90.

Batch processingInstantly identify silences

Having a effective built-alone detector, TwistedWave causes it to be super easy to instantly split a sound file into several parts separated by silences, and save them in distinct files.

  • Identify the silences
  • Title the various parts
  • Export as individual files

Batch processing

TwistedWave presently has a really effective batch processing engine. It may focus on a variety of files, or entire file hierarchies, and apply a variety of effects in it, for example increasing, using a sound Unit or VST wordpress plugin or altering the frame rate, for example.

A processed file could be held in another extendable. Because TwistedWave can read in several file formats, this will make a really effective batch ripper tools.

The batch processing may also be used to create the waveform image from a listing of files. This can be to create small images representing seem files to construct an internet site, for example.

ZTX Time Stretch/Pitch Change technology

TwistedWave enables you to definitely alter the pitch or even the speed of a bit of audio individually of one another.

This capacity will get the ZTX Time Stretch/Pitch Change technology, licensed from Zynaptiq GmbH, probably the most advanced calculations for time-based manipulation of audio material currently available. By having an excellent quality of sound, it really is functional for professional audio work.

The ZTX technology also allows TwistedWave to do pitch correction. Given a bit of audio, ZTX will instantly pitch change it towards the nearest note.

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