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July 3, 2015
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Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to experience: play.oneshotmc.com

OneShotmc is really a cannoning server that's devoted to testing the boundaries of the imagination, as well as your cannons. We're sure you'll enjoy your stay, once we have first class security, and lots of custom plug ins designed for making cannoning testing, and building simpler.

Defaultly all gamers will get access to two 2 houses and something HUGE 336x336 plot which enables you to test cannons without bounds. We give all gamers that election use of WorldEdit, DispenserTools, and VoxelSnipe, to get your projects done faster.

Would you keep the cannons in Single Player, so that they wont get stolen Well have no fear, because there exists a first class home security system in most mobile phone industry's that can make it so even xrayers and vclippers wont have the ability to call at your cannon. How There exists a skylimit bedrock wall that's 176 blocks lengthy, and then any gamers that attempt to exceed skylimit is going to be sent lower, and and then any gamers that in some way get in to the wall area will immediatly be started.

Make certain if you wish to learn cannoning, or else you are simply testing them out choose OneShotmc.

Cannon on,

A couple of plug ins we use: PlotSquared an incredible form of PlotMe, DispenserTools, Async WorldEdit, Biome Generator Turns a superflat plot right into a plot with land such as the normal world

Plug ins placed on server: Plotme, PlotSquared, DispenserTools, WorldEdit, Biome Generator

Source: minecraft-server-list.com
free minecraft server
free minecraft server
Minecraft PE 0.13.1 How To Make A Server For FREE IOS/Android
Minecraft PE 0.13.1 How To Make A Server For FREE IOS/Android
How to make a Free Minecraft Server
How to make a Free Minecraft Server
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