Free virus Scanning software for Windows XP

June 24, 2015
Mawlarebytes Anti-Malware

Didn't have issues, infections, or adware and spyware after using Panda for many several weeks on two laptops.


The disposable version is nice. The professional version seem useless! And it is firewall is equivalent to the home windows firewall.

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1-light with simply 60 megabyte.
2-good recognition adware and spyware Even just in oflline mode.(own testing)
3-non any register and also have game mode and also have primary screen pasword safeguard
4-usb auto identify
5-web url protection

1-disadvantage advance seting for avrage user and uper
2-lag start primary page
3-need internet for full safeguard
4-until with pasword can easy uninsatl panda


its among the best free audio-video and also have some minor bug.

- lightweight you will not notice it and that i have 6 yrs old, slow and week but well-maintained hewlett packard 6730s laptop
- automatic update work perfect every 20 min. as with top compensated audio-video items.
- fast "critical area" scan, no requirement for complete scan option which i've never been used to date.
- 136 Megabytes on Hard disk drive
- 15 Megabytes RAM

- can't upgrade latest version instantly (for instance from 15..1 to 16..1 and from 16..1. to 16..2), you need to un-install old version first, then after 2 or 3 computer reboots install the brand new one.
- after hitting audio-video icon in task bar, audio-video interface will open in five-6 sec. it requires additional 3-4 seconds to finish process whenever you shut it lower (switch off interface).

- test labs give panda free audio-video always greatest scores instantly protection recognition. panda free is generally among 5 best rivals (kaspersky, trend micro coupon, bitdefender, avira) discovering adware and spyware in vary from 99, 7-100% rate.
- lightweight, install and end up forgetting audio-video is i would like.
- panda upgrade to compensated version notices could be switched off in configurations.
- simple interface, no pop-ups, no anything annoying.

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