Free CAD software for Windows 7

October 4, 2016
Size: .18MB

You'll be creating a difference,

by selecting to make use of this CAD X11® Free software application, on your own as well as for all of our customers. Regardless of whether you make use of this Free version or even the Professional version, you'll be area of the users list GrayTech relies onto achieve our objective of aiding probably the most people and organizations possible using their drafting and modeling needs. Don't hesitate to tell all of your buddies and affiliates concerning the accessibility to this free software application, and also the Professional version!


CAD X11® Free is really a general CAD system ideally suited to drafting (talents in mechanical drafting) and lightweight wireframe and appearing modeling on Home windows 7, Vista, or XP.

Standard features

CAD X11® Free include 3-D wireframe modeling, appearing, DXF import, 2-D drafting with ANSI, ISO and JIS dimensioning, geometric tolerancing, TrueType Font support, undo/redo, dynamic rotations, multiple sights, data verification, geometric analysis, crosshatching, Home windows printer support and PDF output.

Access and Support

Accessibility free version is just provided via our Site. For those who have any difficulties or questions obtaining the software installed and running, please send email to . Telephone call support isn't offered using the free version.

You may make a unique contribution to the team of developers at this time,

by selecting CAD X11® Professional for that current cost of $29.95 with Lifetime Support. Using the Professional version, you've 1024 layers versus 1, as much as 50 Megabytes files versus 200 kb (200 kb are designed for B and a few C Size sketches), DXF export, IGES support, Auto Save, Geometric Analysis, the Architectural Wall function, Surface OpenGL and Direct3D shading and various special data exchange formats.

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