Hosting a Minecraft server for free

January 5, 2019
Minecraft Control Panel

* Get a promotion code for 15% off on any Blesta possessed license when purchasing any Multicraft license.

Multicraft is an extremely flexible tool that may help you get the Minecraft server hosting going very quickly. Just one installing of the Multicraft panel can manage 1000's of servers, showing it scales very well.

Dynamic License

The Dynamic License doesn't have a built-in server limit, rather it is usually valid for that combined quantity of servers your monthly subscriptions presently purchase. All your active Dynamic license monthly subscriptions are counted toward exactly the same license key as lengthy as you apply the same PayPal address. You can include or cancel monthly subscriptions anytime to fit your current server count without needing to alter the license key in your installations.

Possessed License

The Possessed license will help you to run between 2 and 10 Minecraft severs on a single machine. The panel and also the Minecraft servers needn't be on a single machine. You can use it for commercial in addition to personal installations.
You will find no recurring costs.

Free License

The disposable edition of the panel will help you to run one sever (for controlling multiple servers, please visit above). You can use it free of charge as lengthy because it is not employed for commercial* reasons. It'll print a little text banner ingame regularly.

* Commercial implies that the program can be used by any means meant for or targeted at commercial advantage or financial compensation

Please assess the free version first. License secrets aren't refundable and can't be combined.

Prices in this article may change anytime. Errors and omissions excepted.

The daemon will verify its license with this servers and needs a functional Web connection. None of your family information is going to be sent along the way.

Every single payment includes hard physical work by means of online assistance by email for that license, software or service bought. The manual assistance by email bought included in every payment should be redeemed inside the first month of purchase by delivering an e-mail to [email protected] and together with a evidence of purchase.

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