Are Minecraft servers free

September 2, 2016
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Aternos may be the world’s biggest free Minecraft server host. You want to provide you with the chance to experience together with your buddies by yourself server free of charge.

Free of charge? How do you use it?

It really works like the majority of the free offers on the web. With advertisments. We place advertisements on the page. Along with the money we obtain from all of these advertisments we spend the money for servers.

What's Aternos not?

Aternos isn't a 24/7 host. Your server is just running as lengthy since you need it and experience it. Whenever you leave your server, it will likely be stopped instantly. However your server is saved and you may start it without notice to.

Can or will i even need to purchase more?

No. Aternos is unlike other free minecraft server hosts free for everybody. We would like that each user is equal and it has exactly the same possibilities.

I can’t wait any longer, how do you start?

At the very top around the right in our page you'll find the usermenu. Your title turns up there, right now you're a welcome guest, and then into it you can observe an arrow. Whenever you click it there appear some options such as the sign-up. There you need to enter your username, your e-mail address along with a password. We do not need more details out on another want more.

I do not have an activation e-mail!

Regrettably often it happens our activation e-mails are marked as junk e-mail by junk e-mail filters in error. Please make certain to check on your junk e-mail folder first. Additionally you need to take a look only at that article within our Help Center: Help Center: You haven’t got an activation e-mail.
Free Minecraft Server
Free Minecraft Server
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