Minecraft dedicated server Hosting free

July 20, 2015
Minecraft server hosting free

Private LAN for IPMI &lifier Energy Management Each server includes IPMI (ip management interface) access over our secure private network giving managers enhanced accessibility server beyond simple SSH or Remote Desktop. View server health report in the IPMI user interface situated in your myVelocity portal.

Service Monitoring with Email &lifier Text Alerts Establishing service monitoring is simple inside the myVelocity user interface. Monitor packet loss, ping occasions, HTTP, SMTP, FTP and IMAP services. Receive text or email alerts when services fail or drop out of norms.

Cloud DNS Management Interface Easily manage all of your domain names with myVelocity’s located DNS manager. Supports SOA, NS, A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, TXT, and SRV records.

Network Layer Invasion Recognition System We safeguard our clients by constantly monitoring our network for signatures of malicious activity for example port checking and brute pressure, DOS, TCP, UDP and ICMP based attacks. Automated minimization tactics are triggered once a panic attack is detected obstructing the origin IP from your network. Optional enterprise grade Web sites insurance policy with packet scrubbing can also be found.

IPv6 Support IPv6 is incorporated and fully supported.

10GB Cloud Storage Setup and manage your free cloud storage inside the myVelocity portal. Additional cloud storage could be added just for $.20 per GB. Take a look at our knowledgebase for articles and videos detailing how you can employ this storage for backup of the server and server files.

Free Inbound Bandwidth All your inbound bandwidth is free of charge and never measured from the transfer incorporated with every server.

99.99% Uptime SLA While there exists a proven history of 100% network and energy uptime for a long time, we guarantee 99.99% and can compensate you with service credits when we ever are unsuccessful of this.

24/7 Phone, Chat &lifier Ticket Support (Hablamos Espanol) Our tech support team team is situated on-site in the data center that hosts your server and it is available to help you all day long every single day. We can present you with tech support team in British or The spanish language.

Both Public &lifier Private VLAN Systems All servers incorporate a public VLAN for inbound and outgoing traffic, additionally to some 1Gbps private VLAN network for intra-datacenter connections. This private network is required when being able to access data center services like cloud storage and daily backup copies. These 2 systems are additionally towards the out-of-band management network for IPMI access.

Server Solidifying Upon Deployment Upon server deployment we be sure that your OS is hardened and updates are applied.

Bandwidth Confirming Inside the myVelocity portal clients are supplied detailed bandwidth reviews that demonstrate both inbound and outgoing throughput. Usage data could be graphed through the month, week, day or lower towards the hour.

Smartly Routed Mixture of 9 Transit Companies The Hivelocity network includes an smartly routed mixture of Level 3, Time Warner Telecom, GTT, Comcast, Telia Italia Sparkle, Cogent, NTT, XO and Global Crossing bandwidth. We enhance our network performance by using specialized software (Noction) that contributes a layer of intelligence to the routing. In a nutshell, our intelligent routing protocol selects the complete quickest path available enabling us to lessen jitter and improve over 20Thousand routes each day over standard BGP. Our incredible global network performance is simply one reason we've clients in over 130 nations.

Peering with AWS, Microsoft, Google and much more We further improve our already incredible network by creating peering points of presence in proper regions of the nation with specific organizations our clients generally communicate with. We presently have peering points established in Miami, Atlanta and La enabling us to manage network locations and shorten hops once data hits individuals locations. Furthermore our network is directly peered with organizations like Amazon . com, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Charter, Cox Communications, Hurricane Electric and also over 300 more similar organizations permitting us to optimize network performance between our network and their own.

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How to set up a dedicated Minecraft Server for Free
How to set up a dedicated Minecraft Server for Free ...
Add Plugins! | Free Minecraft Server Hosting! READ DESC!!
Add Plugins! | Free Minecraft Server Hosting! READ DESC!!
Host Minecraft
Host Minecraft
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