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September 22, 2022
The Voice VOX feature attempts

Standard capture of comments and other alike solutions need a painstaking manual transcription process that's susceptible to errors and misinterpretations. For instance, did your respondent say as a result of an issue in regards to a TV news announcer ...

THAT’s an anchor guy!!!

Or did he say ...

That’s an anchor guy?”

A paper transcript most likely won’t let you know. Laptop Computer System’s Voice Capture Software Module can immediately let you know what your participants really meant by recording solutions in their own individual voices.

The Voice Capture Software Module:

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  • Records and plays back actual voices.
  • Captures the sensation and concentration of reactions.
  • Produces dazzling presentations.
  • Saves time throughout interviews.
  • Playback-only software programs are open to offer for your clients.

Using the Voice Capture &lifier Recording Software Module, you may also code each response according to its content and employ these codes to create number tables in order to group similar reactions together throughout playback.

Throughout playback, interviewees could be indexed by as much as four variables, for example age, sex, geography, earnings. Their surveys are performed back via a seem-outfitted PC.

Interviews can be achieved by telephone or face-to-face with laptops, mobile phones or pills. The outcome of customers really speaking about items in their own individual words gives an immediacy and impact for your presentation that needs to be experienced to become thought.

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