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August 18, 2018
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cheapest recording studioFor recording newcomers, it’s easily probably the most generally requested question if this involves their first studio:

What’s the Least expensive one I'm able to build?

Oddly, it appears that Nobody available has yet clarified it.

So in the following paragraphs, that’s precisely what I’ll do, by trying to really build the World’s Least expensive Studio Room personally.

Here’s things i emerged with:

The Entire Cost from the Studio

After hunting the web, so that they can find the very best deals available, I built an easy working studio having a total car or truck of approximately 400 dollars.

Here’s things i bought:

The Apparatus I Selected and Why

With this ENTIRE studio, I put together as many as 4 products:

  • Computer
  • Digital Audio Workstation
  • Microphone
  • Earphones

acerchromebookFundamental essentials ones I selected, and why:

1. The Pc

Common recording advice claims that since DAW software programs are resource intensive, you need to purchase the quickest computer you really can afford.

I selected it, almost entirely due to it’s connection to Google. Hate in it all that's necessary, but Google doesn’t make crappy stuff. Therefore if there’s any computer within this cost range that may deliver on its promises, its that one.

Because it works out, Chromebooks will also be produced by Samsung, Hewlett packard, and Toshiba. I selected the Acer model since it was the least expensive as well as appeared to achieve the best overall reviews.

audacitywindows2. Digital Audio Workstation

For any DAW, normally I’d choose Professional Tools or among the some of the best names I suggest in the following paragraphs.

The issue is, many of these are expensive…and a significant amount of for that world’s least expensive studio room.

My first thought ended up being to choose Audacity, (pictured right), because it is regarded as the popular free DAW software in the world. But because it works out, Audacity operates on Home windows and Mac, although not the Chrome OS.

So after a little more research, I discovered the Chome OS only supports online recording options, that is basically a DAW in your browser. The 2 best free options I discovered were UJam and Audiotool.

ATR2100-USB3. The Microphone

With this studio, I understood immediately that the USB mic was the only real wise option.

By getting rid of the requirement for whether preamp or perhaps an audio interface, it might save me HUGE money.

I additionally need that it is a dynamic mic, since for me, condenser mics are useless in rooms without acoustic treatment.

However I came across that one: the Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB.

In a cost close to 75 dollars, it’s Less expensive compared to Rode Podcaster. Additionally, it has rave reviews, and features a earphones jack with volume control, which may eliminate the requirement for a monitor management system.

Now…the final item:

4. Earphones

The most fundamental home studio wouldn’t be complete without SOME kind of monitoring.

Even though I do not believe studio monitors really are a MUST-HAVE for each studio, I do think that earphones ARE.

Normally I’d select a Sennheiser HD280 or among the other closed back earphones I suggest in the following paragraphs. However for this studio, I needed to find out if there is anything cheaper.

Listed around 50 dollars, you would not want to expect much, however the reviews I discovered in it were globally positive. So that’s things i chose.


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