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May 28, 2020
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PadCAD Lite is a user friendly free CAD application created for smaller projects for example home additions, remodeling projects, cabinetry work, and surveys. With PadCAD Lite anybody can establish clean, obvious CAD sketches. If you wish to save or export your sketches to some professional CAD application like AutoCAD, you are able to upgrade PadCAD Lite and export your sketches in a number of popular formats, including PDF or DXF files. PadCAD Lite was created with simplicity of use, speed and mobility in your mind and isn't a complete blown CAD application. It is the prefect beginning point for the drafting projects. PadCAD Lite is fantastic for general companies, craftsmen, architectural firms, appraisers and real-estate professionals. PadCAD Lite includes a really shallow learning curve, with no previous CAD experience is essential. An extensive group of instructions are supplied using the application.

Please Be Aware: PadCAD Lite is free of charge for evaluation reasons and can’t save your valuable sketches. You might lose your sketches should you exit the application. In order to save your sketches, you have to upgrade the application. The price to have an upgrade is $14.99 (usd). Once upgraded, PadCAD Lite will help you to export your sketches as image files, PDF files or DXF files.

Primary Features :

1) Intuitive finger-based drawing and editing: Draw walls together with your finger, then adjust them by dragging or stretching them.

2) Fine-tune controls: For greater precision, every element could be fine-updated with number values.

3) Limitless Undo and Redo: You are able to Undo completely to the start of your session or Redo for your current condition.

4) Take Pictures: From inside the application you should use your iPad's built-in camera to consider a photos and connect all of them with your CAD drawing. You may also make use of your iPad's built-in microphone to produce and can include audio annotations inside your sketches.

5) Intuitive Zoom &lifier Pan: Use two fingers to zoom interior and exterior your drawing, exactly like you would with every other picture around the iPad. You may even pan enter by simply dragging your finger. Enter area is bigger compared to iPad screen which enables you to definitely export projects as huge as 170' x 128'.

Note: PadCAD Lite is really a free form of the PadCAD application. It's functionally just like PadCAD, aside from because you can't export or save your valuable sketches. Once upgraded, PadCAD Lite and PadCAD are similar. If you are prepared to dive in, proceed and obtain PadCAD. If you wish to try before you purchase, get PadCAD Lite. You could upgrade later.

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What's New in Version 1.9.4

DXF conveying continues to be fixed and examined with AutoCAD 2014

Not Easy To Use
by jasminesylphs

I'd this spiffy CAD program 15 years back. Went on Home windows 95 or 98. Absolutely loved it but time stands still without developer. I had been hopeful this application might be similar, but alas! It might actually be that centering a door or perhaps a window on the particular coordinate with ones finger is definitely an impossibility with no mouse, however this application includes a slider bar readily available for the x and y. Regrettably, tapping another element on screen undos all of the progress. Also, there is not a z (height) feature, so if you wish to indicate more compact home windows or taller walls, make another note in the dimensional text. Also, as others have stated, the outside size of the walls are displayed, not the inside, and it is actually way too simple to slide the weather round the screen accidentally, departing all of the others behind and also the user meticulously re-centering the jostled element to its original location. I erased this application and can look for another.

It really works fine
by Darrel's brother

Ok if you are a astronaut and also you require an application created by rocket researcher. This most likely ain't for you personally. But when your average person ant you simply come with an evening to determine how this factor works, get it done. The only real problem I've it there is not a choice for any plain whitened background in order to save a little of ink within my printer. But it is totally not worth losing a star over. Thanks whomever chose to make this. I am Happy Happy Happy!

$15 is laughable
by IronBoots
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