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May 16, 2015

Once we request what games we ought to do video of, almost always there is a chorus of people that always say Minecraft Pocket Edition [$6.99]. I have got no clue why, as recording video people playing Minecraft is really a sure-fire method to cause me to feel and Jared look really stupid. So, whatever, we'll embrace it. We are starting off a relevant video series not only regarding how to play Minecraft PE, but exactly how to experience Minecraft PE badly. Likely to endless variety of servers available for all of us to participate, with a much more diverse selection of mods running in it. We are likely to hop around such as the Television show Slider mobile phones.

Today we are going through the "Hunger Games" mod. We are still not necessarily sure that which you do within this, however it involves Jared barely having the ability to learn how to register on the server, punching NPC's, creating a grime wall to create a hidey hole inside a cave, then just getting teleported and instantly slain by a few dude having a sword. I do not know.

I have got no clue where we'll go next, but most likely somewhere rather less menacing. If you have a popular Minecraft PE server you would like us to look at, provide us with a shout. If you wish to connect with this server we performed on within the video, its address is hg.inpvp.internet using the default port of 19132.

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Minecraft FREE HUNGER GAMES SERVER (with factions)
Minecraft FREE HUNGER GAMES SERVER (with factions)
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Minecraft Hunger Games!
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