Minecraft Hunger Games server play for free

December 16, 2018
Server Details

Votes are very different than diamonds on PlanetMinecraft. They're unique to servers and totally reset monthly. They offer a method of making an top list that rewards servers to be popular and looking after a consistant page on PlanetMinecraft.com. Appreciate discussing your server using the community.

Minecraft Server Top List FAQ

Q. Should i be part of PMC to election?
A: No but you are thanks for visiting come along.

Q. How frequently can one election in my favorite server?
A: Once every 24 hrs.

Q. How's the score calculated for that top list?
A: Score = 1.5 * votes + .033 * days since server published to PMC. As system evolves same goes with the formula. i.e. Day weight increase along with other stats might be considered in.

Q. Just when was the score totally reset?
A: Top list score is totally reset each month.

Q. What goes on if your server cheats?
A: Report these to a moderator. We'll consider it and with respect to the situation, votes might be reduced, totally reset, or server page removed.

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Minecraft - "Hunger Games Server": Play for yourself!
Minecraft - "Hunger Games Server": Play for yourself!
Minecraft: Avengers Play Hunger Games - For NARNIA!
Minecraft: Avengers Play Hunger Games - For NARNIA!
Minecraft Hunger Games Server::
Minecraft Hunger Games Server::
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