Essentials programs for Windows 7

January 22, 2016
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We have all had a tech-challenged relative or friend who nonetheless uses a computer. This is what software you will need to install on their behalf-cheaply.


1. Home windows 7. Despite the fact that any new PC you purchase today comes packed with Home windows 8, despite the fact that that OS is a lot faster at setting up, works more effectively with touch connects, and opens up to and including totally new type of applications, we'll assume for that reasons of the story the machine being bequeathed is running Home windows 7. The chances are you are creating an machine of your for your non-technical chum, given that they will not require the latest and finest hardware for that Web surfing and document editing they are apt to be doing. And you will even try downgrading laptop computer from Home windows 8 to Home windows 7 if you are afraid the consumer will not have the ability to determine the OS's dual tiles-plus-desktop interface.

However that downgrade process isn't for that faint-hearted. You need to make certain laptop computer maker has motorists for all those computer's hardware, mainly in the likely situation that it is laptop—trackpad, webcam, audio, and so forth. To pay for your bases, you might would like to produce a Home windows 7 and eight dual-boot system. Within this scenario, whenever you reboot the pc, you will see a screen in which you choose from 7 and eight, and you may set with the idea to the default startup OS if no option is made following a set period of time. This way, when Microsoft upgrades Home windows later, your beneficiary will not remain within the cold.

2. Security software. Home windows will complain without having anti-virus and firewall program running, and, with this machine's intended purpose, you certainly don't wish to bypass either type of security software. PCMag's best choice with this is among the earliest names within the game—Norton Internet Security Software . For $29.99 annually, you receive not just the very best adware and spyware protection and removal tools, but a smart firewall and also the best antispam and anti-phishing, too. These protections are crucial for unsophisticated customers.

If you like to choose free security software, your best choice is AVG Anti-Virus Free, which really obtained much better than a few of the commercial competition in PCMag's hands-on anti-virus tests, in addition to will get kudos from independent testing labs. Free of charge Firewall program, turn to our Editors' Choice ZoneAlarm Free Firewall 2013.

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Windows 7 Essentials
Windows 7 Essentials
10 Essential Programs for Windows 7
10 Essential Programs for Windows 7
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