Audacity Mac Review

May 13, 2015
Audacity Alternatives for Mac

Audacity doesn't have the slickest interface, however it does most all you need to make audio for that web. It enables permanently file manipulation, recording and fundamental output. This isn't an application for that faint of hear though - to obtain the most from it - you have to spend a while by using it and discover the methods. What's promising (besides the truth that it's free) is it includes a broad base of support since it is free, stored current and lots of people on the internet will help you learn how to allow it to be sing.

I've it placed on both a Pc and a mac and also have tried on the extender for personal and business uses. Getting recorded music in professional studio conditions, I simply don't believe it can rival the best music recording and editing software - but when you're searching for something to record audiobooks, make podcasts, or simply create some short mixed audio recordings, miracle traffic bot will take action.

By: David Maurand 5 / 5 24 months ago

This humble application having a kludgy interface in some way will get the task done. I have upgraded and crossgraded machines, gradually watching my costly audio applications become useless, nonfunctioning boondoggles waiting for $199 'upgrades' to really make it work enjoy it did yesterday. Audacity simply works. It supports my densest audio recordings and reads every wordpress plugin and VST I have gathered through the years. Giving this 5 stars since it perfect utilty beats useless eye chocolate each time.

By: George Domantic 4 / 5 three years ago

it might use better effect use. i am talking about, you cannot know very well what really transpires with your audio in 3-5 second preview!
ps. it's clip splitting, Conversion with other audio file formats, Fade into seem, Place Silence, Noise removal, Multiple Funnel Recording, Record from line input, Record from microphone, Compression, Echo, Equalizer, Normalize, Reverse... so please, fix the characteristics here!!!

By: Ryan Lynch 5 / 5 5 several weeks ago

Audacity is excellent. It doesn't possess a steep learning curve, although somebody who has not used at all audio editing software could have a tiny bit harder time. It's a great bit of free software application, which is helpful for those audio tasks from simple to hard. The only real problems I'd by using it were of my very own cause, when i didn't have prior knowledge about audio editing software. Audacity is much like the VLC Media Player of audio editing software. The primary problem I've by using it is its complexity and just how much stuff that you can do by using it. If Audacity included a built-in tutorial explaining the majority of its tools, that might be great. But to locate what things onto it you don't learn about do, you need to look up online, although there's a huge documentation for this. Overall, Audacity is a superb software program free of charge for the pros and also the newcomers, although I recommend that anybody a new comer to audio editing attempt to learn a little about Audacity for simplicity of use.

By: TheRealFranco 5 / 5 7 several weeks ago

I've been utilizing audacity within the last five years and that i provide a 5 star because it is not only simple to use and it is an excellent starter program for editing audio. But additionally since you can record and edit in studio quality sample rates and formats plus make your own effects.

By: Smeds 4 / 5 24 months ago

The program does an excellent job and it has some reasonably effective editing tools. The primary factor it's missing (and also the reason it received 4 stars rather than 5) is the possible lack of a spectral analysis tool a la Adobe Audition. That tool makes getting rid of (for instance) a mouth click in the center of a thing as easy as a click, whereas in Audacity it will take a great deal of your time just to obtain the click, and getting rid of frequently it's impossible. Nevertheless, you will not find a lot of free items that provide you around Audacity.

CommentsBy: Joel Rea

Really, Audacity comes with a Spectral View, and it has had all along. It isn't as flexible as Audacity’s (which allows you scale between full linear and full logarithmic in batches) and isn't as colorful (uses cyan and green rather than red-colored-yellow-eco-friendly), however it can be employed in either full linear or full logarithmic mode. To gain access to it, click the header of the track’s panel (left from the waveform, towards the top of the panel, in which the title from the track is). That drops lower a context menu for your track that has plenty of helpful products specific for that track, including altering between several view modes including Pitch in addition to two Spectrums and 2 Waveforms.

Within the Preferences, you are able to configure the FFT resolution and windowing purpose of the specral filter used (Audacity allows you increase and reduce the resolution using keyboard cutting corners, that is of course handier).

By: Joel Rea

Ooops! I stated “Audacity” two times after i meant “Audition.” It isn't as flexible as AUDITION’s, and AUDITION allows you increase and reduce the FFT resolution using keyboard cutting corners.

By: Cristiana Adalina 5 / 5 5 several weeks ago

Its simple to use to chop song and convert and amplify musics

100% recommend this!!

its really simple to use!

By: MountainMan 4 / 5 5 several weeks ago

Audacity, although cumbersome and often difficult to navigate, is a superb free software application! It provides extensive potential whenever you add supported plug ins into it, be it altering audio file types, or editing your favourite tune. I would suggest this to a person searching for a sound editing software.

By: powifire 5 / 5 16 several weeks ago

Audio manipulation ? Let us take Audacity !
Audio recording ? Let’s talk, Audacity !
Audio Bug ? Let’s seek advice from Audacity !
A awesome tool for Audio stuff, a little lengthy to produce, but does an excellent job. Ideal for many audio stuff, Free an Gratis. With a decent community, look prefer in the domain.

By: Brigitte GMan Braun 5 / 5 2 several weeks ago

just amazing software :)
nice effects i personally use this for bass boost

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