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July 11, 2022
Music Editing Master - The

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Nearly every NLE today has some type of multi-cam functionality built-in, and many of them work perfectly. FCPX particularly has among the best multi-cam tools that I’ve ever used, and it is been very useful for editing videos through the years. Nevertheless, generally, I favor to chop videos more typically, when i think it is makes my options feel more deliberate.

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Multi-cam projects are an easy way to obtain your video searching very good, pretty rapidly. When the project is to establish, you can just play using your track and click on away on every camera position, similar to operating an active switcher. However, if you are like all of us enjoy getting just as much control of your edit as you possibly can, then these 3 tips will help give you the results you would like while still helping you save amount of time in the edit suite.

1. Sync &lifier Edit the Performance First

Presuming your video includes a performance element into it, I recommend you begin by working for the reason that material, as it will likely be the backbone of the entire music video. Before shedding in almost any B-roll or story shots, simply compare every last able to be used performance undertake your timeline and make shaver edits on important beats.

Typically when editing a music video, I’ll make razor edits on each and every beat from the song before I really make any editorial options.music video live Once I’ve went through whole track, I’ll feel it again and remove the clips that I am not going for each beat from the song. Even though it takes additional time in advance to setup any project by doing this, it’ll help you save considerable time once you’re ready to go.

2. Be Very Specific With B-roll Options

Similar to my recommendation to edit the performance by itself first, I suggest using the same approach together with your story or B-roll shots.guitar music video Rather than tossing everything together inside a timeline using the performance immediately, edit your B-roll in the own timeline – similar to a brief film.

Be very specific concerning the B-roll you choose and just use the very best shots. This way whenever you edit it along with the performance (we’ll discuss that below), you won't be required to re-edit your main material, since most of the legwork was already done.

3. Edit Nested Sequences

Presuming you have two fully edited sequences – one performance and something B-roll – all that you should do now's mix these to make your final edit. My preferred method this is to apply nested sequences, or perhaps in FCPX.

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