Best free antivirus software 2015

September 9, 2015
AVG Free Antivirus

Initially examined byAnti-Spy ware: Yes
Anti-Junk e-mail: No
Enhanced Firewall: No
Browser Protection: Yes
Extra supplies: Free cell phone protection, Home network scan, Dropbox account


Avast provides the fundamental anti-virus, anti-spy ware and browser protection combination, but additionally adds inside a helpful home network scan, suggesting for those who have weak passwords or any other poor configurations, a hyperlink into Dropbox – if you only obtain the standard 2GB any new Dropboxer will get – along with a separate free application to safeguard your Android mobile, including anti-thievery provision.

The good thing of Avast’s Audio-video-Test results was its 6. from 6. within the Protection category. It obtained a complete 100% on recent adware and spyware recognition and 99.5% on zero-day attacks, passing on a nearly perfect record. This, obviously, may be the primary reason you put in an Audio-video suite, so that's very good news.


Avast Free Anti-virus 2015 examined 17, 906 files from our 50GB basket and accomplished it in five minutes 23 seconds. This provides it a scan rate of 55.4 files/second, slightly reduced compared to AVG scanner, but on re-checking it had been hardly any faster, but still checked exactly the same quantity of files. Our 1GB file copy was 17% reduced having a scan running than without, that is reasonable.

Using the wider selection of tasks carried out in Audio-video-Test’s Performance tests, it obtained 4. from 6.. This means a 4-second delay, against an organization average of three seconds, so a bit lower, however this group consists of lots of commercial items, along with the free ones.

Simplicity of use

The interface from the Avast software programs are functional and simple to use, with a number of menu options lower the left-hands side. It’s simple to adjust configurations and browse status information, including graphic shows from the recent threat history. Just like AVG, the home windows include options only accessible available versions from the Avast product.

The Usability tests in Audio-video-Test’s suite gave just four false positives through the two several weeks of test, which dropped the program just .5 of the point, departing it at 5.5 from 6..


Avast is really a modern, well-designed Audio-video suite, supplying a surprising quantity of features for any free product. It scores well under test, by having an overall Audio-video-Test rating of 15.5 from 18., though there’s still a greater-scoring free option. It's very easy to set up and employ while offering excellent virus coverage.
Best Free Antivirus Software 2015
Best Free Antivirus Software 2015
2015 Best Top 10 Free Antivirus Softwares
2015 Best Top 10 Free Antivirus Softwares
1-855-525-4632 #Best Free Antivirus Software for mac 2015
1-855-525-4632 #Best Free Antivirus Software for mac 2015
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