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November 12, 2017
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Comparison of CAD and Design Software Used for Jewellery, sample image from 3D CADInformation last up-to-date and verified March 2015

Through the years, the scholars within my CAD courses in addition to my private clients have requested me lots of questions regarding CAD as it requires jewelry manufacturing. A number of these questions were frequently exactly the same. When I thought it easier to tailor my response to each student’s needs, I opposed writing just one standard answer for a significant very long time. It happened in my experience which i could most likely answer a minimum of a few of the questions all at one time, and merely complete the gaps if people desired to learn more.

This is the way this new series simply known as Faq's started.

If anybody has anymore specific questions or perhaps is not obvious about something pointed out here, just leave a remark and I’ll add an response to the entry.

For part 1, we’ll begin with the most typical question of all of them: “Which CAD software must i learn?”

I Wish To Learn CAD. Where Will I Start?

The very first factor you could do is work out how you need to use design software. You will find really several different types of computer-assisted design software available, each one of these created for another purpose:

  • 2D Design Software for example Illustrator and Gemvision Design Studio
  • 2D CAD Software for example TypeEdit, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, and Inkscape
  • three dimensional CAD Software for example 3Design, Rhino, PowerShape, Matrix, Firestorm, and JewelCAD
  • Customer-Facing CAD Software for example Countersketch and Gemvision Design Studio
  • three dimensional Sculpture Software for example ArtCAM Jewelsmith, Claytools, Mudbox, and ZBrush

Why A Wide Variety Of Kinds?

You may be cynical and state that it’s different companies competing for a bit of exactly the same market, but in reality the various tools are rather different. For tools which serve exactly the same purpose (for example 3Design, Matrix, and Firestorm), they behave diversely and were built beginning from various design philosophies. It isn't uncommon for several specialists or design houses to make use of several software program together. Adobe Illustrator and Rhino, for instance.

Adobe Photoshop CC on Microsoft Surface ProOkay, So You Will Find Different types of CAD. What's 2D Design Software?

2D Design software programs are a little like using a group of paintbrushes along with a palette of colors. It’s designed purely for dealing with bitmap images (for example photographs or illustrations) made up of pixels. Tools such as these have been in existence because the early 80’s, so they’ve had sufficient time to develop clever methods to fresh paint, manipulate, and apply effects to photographs. Virtually all you could think about doing having a paintbrush or perhaps a photography studio can be achieved with 2D Design software. Probably the most apparent 2D design software program available could be Adobe Illustrator, but it's only some of the one. There's also Corel Fresh paint and Sketchbook Professional, amongst others. There's a jewelry specific 2D Design software package– Gemvision Design Studio (formerly referred to as Digital Goldsmith). While possibly less fancy as three dimensional design software, these 2D tools are essential themselves for illustrators and draftsmen, permitting these to make fresh paint-ups and renderings of designs in techniques as near to the traditional techniques as you possibly can. Additionally they serve an important role in publish-manufacture of photography and CAD renders, planning and sizing the pictures to be used in publications or online. In fact, It's my job to suggest that absolute beginners to the kind of internet based design begin with a 2D design software like Illustrator or Corel. In comparison to other kinds of software, their learning curve could be much simpler, and may help give a gateway into more complicated methods for working.

What's 2D CAD Software, and just how could it be Not The Same As 2D Design Software?

Think about 2D CAD software like a technical draftsman’s table, in comparison to 2D Design software’s paintbrushes and palette. Both can draw an image, but the objective of each picture is extremely different. The objective of 2D CAD is precision, usually for that reasons of design communication. Instead of dealing with bitmaps and pixels, 2D CAD uses vector lines. Whereas pixels are colours at locations with an image, vectors use points on the page with lines hooking up them. You will find three large benefits of using vectors for technical sketches:

  • The line is not fixed. They may be modified, moved, twisted, scaly, bent, even redrawn in sections.
  • Regardless of how large or how small you scale the lines, they will be redrawn with perfect resolution.
  • Vector line is also utilized by three dimensional CAD in addition to laser engraving and industrial cutting tools. Which means you can export your designs into formats directly able to be used both by programs, potentially saving they or service agencies time.

What's three dimensional CAD Software?

three dimensional CAD is exactly what many people think about when they're speaking about CAD. Conceptually, it’s digital same as fabrication tools along with a wax carving package. As opposed to just simply making designs on the screen, the consumer is really building his design to exact specifications and specifications. The finish consequence of CAD could be either rendering (creating a photorealistic image) or rapid prototyping (creating an actual model to be used in manufacturing). CAD models are frequently (and improperly) known to as “drawings”. Because they are still technically three dimensional even when they’re only saved on the computer, it’s easier to give them a call “3D models”. Using three dimensional CAD for product design isn't a new factor. The very first military programs of CAD/CAM made an appearance within the 1960’s, and also the first commercial product design with CAD began happening within the late 1980’s. However it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to state that there's no area of product design which doesn’t use some type of CAD for manufacturing. three dimensional CAD’s advantages include:

  • You will see a conceptual design in 3 dimensions, from the position
  • Dimensions and size of objects could be specified lower to insane amounts of precision.
  • Because the piece hasn’t occurred yet, it’s easy to modify or rebuild part or everything, or imagine it in almost any colour or material you want.

What Are the Benefits of Each Type of three dimensional CAD?

This really is really among the questions I must answer most frequently. From what I’ve experienced to date, at most fundamental level all of the three dimensional CAD packages can handle exactly the same types of things (eternity rings, solitaire engagement rings, etc.). It’s only when you are getting to more complex kinds of design work perform the key variations begin to stick out. Because of this, I summarise below certain key design tasks together with the programs which appear is the best fit for your particular task.

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