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October 26, 2014
Historic Recordings Website

Seriously effective blocking.

With Inspectlet's mature blocking abilities, you'll have the ability to find precisely the site visitors you are thinking about watching. For instance, choosing a couple of checkboxes enables you to find videos of recent site visitors from AdWords that bought something in your site.

Our funnel analysis tool can display you tracks of folks that added something for their trolley, but never proceeded to checkout. Slice and dice your computer data nevertheless, you want.

Tag your periods and customers.

Identify individual customers. With one type of code you are able to tell Inspectlet which user has been recorded to ensure that later you'll find customers having a specific current email address or ID.

Capture interesting occasions. If you are thinking about watching all screen captures in which a customer pressed the play button, you are able to tag individuals screen captures having a marker like "pressed-play".

AJAX, HTTPS, single-page applications: everything works straight as they are.

You heard that right, Inspectlet was created with this particular century's web applications in your mind. Inspectlet plays nice with the latest technologies straight as they are without any integration needed.

  • Single page web applications (AngularJS, Ember, Backbone, etc)
  • AJAX, dynamic DOM manipulation
  • Snacks, login/authentication
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SIZE Records Website v2
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