Freeware recording software

May 31, 2022
Setup recording studio with

Download the Pamela version you have installed or that meets your needs.

Install the brand new Pamela 4.8 without removing your present version.

This can be sure that your configurations and knowledge is going to be maintained.

For those who have bought permission, your activation code may also use Pamela 4.8!

Important Legal Notes

Pamela for Skype software programs are not intended and cannot be utilized for illegal or infringing reasons, like the illegal copying or discussing of copyrighted materials. Using Pamela for Skype software for such reasons is, amongst other things, against U . s . States and worldwide copyright laws and regulations and unlike the conditions and terms from the Consumer License Agreement. Such activity might be punishable legally.

Scendix Software disclaims all responsibility for just about any consequence incurred consequently of utilizing Pamela for Skype software!

Important Legal Information

Be familiar with laws and regulations and rules relating towards the legitimacy of recording conversations. In certain states and nations, both sides should be aware that the conversation has been recorded so as for this to become legal.

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Lesson Two Using Audio Recording Software
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