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April 6, 2016
[Audacity Editing an Album

The most typical editing actions for example Cut, Copy, Paste and Remove also provide buttons in Edit Plugin. Effects allow you to do such things as raise the bass, change pitch or tempo, or remove noise in a variety of ways. Find the appropriate effect to complete what you would like around the Index of Effects, Machines and Analyzers page.


Audacity is applicable each edit to some selected part of the audio track or tracks. To choose a specific area, click within the track and drag the shaded area using the mouse. If no audio is chosen, Audacity automatically chooses all of the audio within the project window.


To use an impact you have to first choose some audio, then click the effect you need in the Effect Menu, make any parameter configurations within the dialog box that you would like after which press the OK button to use the result. Observe that a couple of effects don't have any parameters that may be set which are applied the moment clicking in it within the Effect Menu A good example is: Crossfade Tracks.

For that effects which have settable parameters the dialog box consists of a Preview button which allows you to definitely hear a brief sample from the audio using the effect temporarily applied to ensure that you are able to audition the end result just before accepting the configurations you earn.

Some effects have particular needs

Reverting an edit or effect

If you're unhappy with caused by your edit or effect you are able to simple make use of the Audacity command or make use of the Control-Z keyboard shortcut. A great tip for effects would be to have a look on the short portion of audio first to give it a try on the longer section than preview enables after which make use of the .

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