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April 19, 2015
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Character Sounds Mixer let us you develop your personal character tracks effortlessly. Hearing the sounds of character is extremely relaxing for human brains. A great application that will help you relax, go to sleep, study or meditate.

Do you want to pay attention to the wild birds chirping within the forrest? A flowing river? Or possibly you keep in mind that wonderful time you'd by the pool? Was there also your pet along with you? You are able to compose the seem of those conditions in a moment and much more.

• Create character music tracks according to your taste
• Music continues playing without anyone's knowledge, permitting you to employ other applications in your Mac while relaxing
• Easy to customize volume, panning and timing for every track
• Save all of your favorite produced arrangements
• Beautiful, fluid interface

When you're completed with your track, you may choose to provide it. An image is going to be instantly selected according to your ambient track and can slide for you display.

You may also minimize application and also the music will still stay in the hand without anyone's knowledge, permitting you to definitely read a magazine, browse internet, answer emails, study or use every other application to complete your projects. If you have troubles dropping off to sleep, try setting a relaxed track on low volume that will help you.

There's lots of seem tracks to select from like field, forest, beach, fire, river, rain or storm, wild birds, dog, owl, woodpecker and much more. You are able to equal to 6 channels playing concurrently, each with personalized volume, panning and timing. After that you can easily save all of your composed tracks to possess them available anytime.

This application doesn't contain any in-application purchases to unlock more sounds or any annoying advertisements. You're able to utilize it from the beginning with free future updates. I think you'll will love hearing the character.

We like getting feedback of your stuff. For those who have any suggestions or similar to the application, tell us! Thanks. :)

- Because of all who bought Character Sounds Mixer already! For those who have anything in your mind, you can call us.

Like it!
by Funnygerl

I like the application. It’s fun to make use of however i can’t result in the scrolling pic full screen. Maybe it’s me but I’ve clicked on everywhere attempting to make it full screen however it just is really a box bouncing round the screen

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