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September 6, 2015
Create Music on the web

Online Audio Joiner application is made to merge several tunes (mp3, m4a, wav, etc) right into a single track. This program is completely free and works online therefore its not necessary to set up it on your pc. Just open the browser and begin merging.

Seamless Mp3 Merging

You may choose backward and forward modes of seem merger. When the “Crossfade” function is enabled, one track will progressively fade into another: the very first track will progressively vanish, as the second will grow even louder. This enables smooth transition when mixing music tracks. More regarding how to join tunes?

Support on most Video and audio Formats

The applying supports just about all media formats available. You are able to mix MP3, OGG, WMA, M4A, WAV and much more formats. It's worth mentioning the program is most effective and fastest using the MP3 music. However, if you want to merge tunes in other formats, they'll be instantly converted and opened up within the joiner. Should you open a relevant video file, the joiner will extract audio track from this.

User-Friendly Interface

The applying was created for that single purpose, therefore you can easily use and won't overwhelm you using the abundance of functions that are rarely used anyway :)

Interval Adjustment

For every track you utilize when designing a composition, you are able to adjust a particular interval to become performed. For this function you are able to slowly move the blue slider mobile phones with whether mouse cursor or even the arrow secrets.

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