Windows programs

September 29, 2022
This week we ll show you how

msconfig disable servicesThere’s numerous stuff that will go wrong using the Home windows operating-system. From serious issues like blue screens of dying and operating-system not found errors to more general problems of software leading to instability or malicious programs and spy ware that are making the machine misbehave. Customers frequently run several security programs at the same time which sometimes don’t like one another and also the issue will originate from that. Sometimes maybe it's a Home windows problem but frequently 3rd party software programs are the reason for the issue.

A great way to trobleshoot and fix problems should you not be aware of exact cause would be to disable exactly what begins with Home windows so only the operating-system itself runs, like what Safe Mode does. The issue with Safe Mode could it be hinders almost the whole operating-system and just runs the complete bare necessities to obtain a boot, that typically isn’t so useful and you'll need as well Home windows normally but simply disable all 3rd party software to discover the root problem.

Many of the time when seeking help from the web you'll be requested to carry out a “clean boot” of Home windows. This only denotes stopping all non Home windows programs and services from beginning therefore the product is running more cleanly with no 3rd party software programs are released on boot.disable startup windows 8 This is how to carry out a clean boot of Home windows having a couple of extra choices for ensuring normal startup is really as clean as you possibly can. 1. Click Start and kind msconfig in to the search engine or press Win key+R to exhibit the Run dialog and kind msconfig.

2. Using the System Configuration (msconfig) window open, visit the Services tab and set a tick within the “Hide all Microsoft services” box at the end left before striking Disable all. As many software installs system services you have to disable them as well and letting Home windows load its services and just preventing individuals from organizations means the operating-system itself will run normally.

disable scheduled tasksRemember that the hide Microsoft services box is going to do exactly that and conceal anything by Microsoft, which includes services using their 3rd party software for example Office. To disable individuals services you should untick this area, discover the service(s) and untick.

3. Click on the Startup tab after which press the Disable all button. This can stop all 3rd party programs beginning with Home windows. You are able to perform this task in many neat and tweak tools, in CCleaner for instance, click Tools > Startup > Home windows, press Control+A striking Disable. Press OK.

Observe that like services it might be smart to keep some what products were ticked (enabled) before clicking the button to disable everything, there maybe some products which have formerly been disabled. Don't worry though because the Date Disabled column can have when the items was disabled.

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