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February 11, 2017
Windows 9

imageNowadays everyone has camera rich in resolution. Typically customers click hi res with image dimensions varying from 2 Megabytes to 10 Megabytes based upon the Mega pixels based on your camera.

Most of them begin using these for discussing using their buddies and families. Frequently customers attempt to mail these pictures within the email or im by zipping them but it doesn't help. Roughly a 5 Megabytes images is going to be compressed to as much as 4 or 4.5 Megabytes but that's even the high size per image delivering via email or messenger. We sometimes use our trustworthy Microsoft Fresh paint application for resizing images, that is awesome however for any single or handful of images it's ok to look at the look and also to “Save As” Well imagine what for those who have around 20 30 40 50 100+ images for resizing. Then it's an unpleasant job for doing manual resizing.

So, this can be a problem that lots of us should be facing inside a daily existence once we click large amount of pictures and share it over the web.

What’s the answer?

imageWell, the answer is by using a Image Resizer tool that people would discuss. A user friendly tool for resizing multiple images within couple of seconds. We're speaking about ImageResizer PowerToy which was readily available for Home windows XP and people at CodePlex re-written exactly the same application in C++ for Home windows Vista &lifier Home windows 7 including support for 64-Bit form of Home windows.

For Detailed Documentation visit

Using Image Resizer in Home windows Vista &lifier Home windows 7. (Note: Same method for you to re-size the pictures in Home windows XP)

Step One: Perfect click on one image or multiple images.

Step Two: Choose the needed size typically Medium or Large or even choose Custom size simply by entering the needed resolution.

Step Three: Once selected size you are able to click the above option like “Resize the initial pictures” This can not produce the copies from the resized low res pictures but rather re-size the initial pictures.

Click OK and you'll obtain the resized images within the same folder.

Therefore we took a good example image for resizing. Compare the next 2 images and find out the main difference.

You can now easily create and share pictures together with your buddies and families. You are able to send them an email rapidly or send on them IM. You may also begin using these smaller images to rapidly upload in your favorite Social Networking Site for example Facebook, Bebo, Orkut etc.

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