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August 15, 2022
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Nothing that may be considered.


Thanks Jesus! This operating-system continues to be beside me some time yet it's very enjoyable. Throughout my brief years on the pc like a new user it truly is impressive. Just my own prefer. The preview of Microsoft Home windows 8 doesn't rival Microsoft Home windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 2.

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Works together with any application

Slowest OS ever.

To date Home windows XP is undoubtedly the slowest OS I have ever labored with. Not well worth the buy whatsoever.

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Simple to use


Not compatible for DX10 and greater

Fisher cost interface

Crashes an excessive amount of due to motorists

Shows BSOD's do not ever

No IE9

Bad 64-bit support


Home windows XP isn't a good OS, since it keeps crashes do not ever and it is so ******* slow, even when you've 1-2GB of memory. For those who have XP, I suggest that you simply upgrade to Vista SP1+ or 7 now.

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Yes XP isn't perfect but hardly slow in comparison towards the bloated and rushed VISTA. Should you execute a clean install with XP as well as your computer continues to be slow then it's your hardware or you will find the wrong motorists installed. This isn't XP's fault.

The next thing is to purchase a brand new computer with 7. You can aquire a brand new one a couple of hundred and when you'll need a great computer for tech you'll be able to construct your own for any couple of hundred too. I am sure you will find technicians in your neighborhood to help you. In either case the general rule is XP for old computer systems, and seven for brand new ones. And when you will dislike XP for reasons uknown then change to linux. It's free and far more secure.

Easy to cope with problems, simple to navigate. Holds more than enough room. Informs when there's an issue and fixes it easily. Fast 85% of times. Good household computer, informs whenever a program may harm your pc, and asks if you'd like to operate it.

Lags sometimes (ANNOYING), could be slow 35% of times. When multiple tabs &lifier home windows are running simultaneously, all of the programs immediately become 'unresponsive'. When programs become 'unresponsive', inconvenience to seal this program lower.

Overall, I've had this computer My Existence, also it is still effective like completely new. This computer is definitely an 'old but reliable friend', and when you need to buy a new program, opt for this. You will not be sorry! :)

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in case your Microsoft ME operating-system will not work any longer, purchase a upgrade package off ebay that converts your o/s to XP home. Yes, it really works OK and enables you to maintain your current computer a couple of more years.. as Microsoft will support XP through 2013+

no choice but to transform to xp from ME. XP home works all right and all sorts of my old software is effective onto it. No support for me personally which labored ideal for me for ten years. Time for you to progress to XP to help keep software current.

XP will most likely go lower as Microsoft's best operating-system ever. After service pack 2 and three, they finally first got it working! Why reinvent the wheel? I am happy and hang not less than two or three years because of a $50 upgrade pkg bought off ebay

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really knocked speed from home windows 2000

slow BSOD far more frequently then home windows 2000

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