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August 31, 2021
Windows 7: The best security

Microsoft introduced the finish of mainstream support for Home windows 7 by The month of january 13, 2015. Effective immediately, only essential security updates can be found, and little else. That's for you to use among the 28 security packages examined by Audio-video-TEST to make sure perfect protection of Home windows 7. As many as 5 items achieve almost an optimum point score.

Internet Security Software Suites offer the exam under Home windows 7: Audio-video-TEST examined 28 programs.

28 Security Packages under Home windows 7: At 17.5 points, as many as three items score just below the utmost of 18 points (Audio-video-TEST, last amended in The month of january 2015).

Test under Home windows 7: For checking results, Trend Micro Coupon sticks out because the formulation of it's type scoring 100 % on every test (Audio-video-TEST, last amended in The month of january 2015).

Qihoo 360 Internet Security Software: The entire free software suite discloses good test results.

Panda Free Anti-virus: The free software security option would be available too in a variety of languages.

Trend Micro Coupon Internet Security Software: The only real product which accomplished 100 % two times within the recognition test.

Microsoft only lately stop all support for Home windows XP, simply to finish mainstream support for Home windows 7 shortly after that. Which means that within the next five years, Microsoft are only offering essential security patches – little else.

Using good security software for Home windows 7 has become increasingly important than ever before. Much more reason behind the labs at Audio-video-TEST to conduct the most recent tests of 27 Internet security software solutions for Home windows 7 and do a comparison towards the 28th package, the free software Security Necessities from Microsoft.

27 packages versus. Microsoft solution

Professionals at Audio-video-TEST examined 17 bought software and 11 free software solutions, and in comparison all of them with each other. The very best overall entertainers would be the 3 commercial solutions from Bitdefender, Kaspersky and Trend Micro Coupon with 17.5 of 18 possible points.

Arriving close behind was the very first free software security package through the Chinese provider Qihoo 360 with 17 points. If a person ignores the 2nd form of Qihoo 360, because it is only accessible in China, the free software form of Panda with 15.5 points only ranks in fifth place.

As the solution from Microsoft accomplishes 11 points overall, it receives points during vital rating of their protection function. Security Necessities was just in a position to identify slightly over fifty percent the risks within the real-world test.

All of the items were subjected to the ropes two times: once in November and when in December 2014. Later on, the outcomes were aggregated. Since the laboratory always tests the most recent items available, a number of them happen to be the 2015 versions, while some continue to be from 2014.

Less strong defense against -day adware and spyware

Within the vital rating of "protection" function, all of the items needed to master two test phases. First, the actual-world test with a few 150 from the latest adware and spyware programs. Later on, the item ended up being to identify the Audio-video-TEST reference set with 12Thousand mostly known adware and spyware individuals.

Within the real-world test, the items revealed a rather less strong performance than usual. For example, only Trend Micro Coupon and Comodo were 100 % able to discovering all of the risks. 9 other items did have the ability to achieve 99 %.

The recognition from the Audio-video-TEST reference sets may be the lower hurdle for that security solutions. Within this category, as many as 20 items completed the exam error-free. In the end, the reference set consists of old acquaintances that actually needs to be detected. Surprising within this category was Comodo. As the product detected the most recent attackers error-free within the real-world test, it just handled to recognize 97% from the known risks. Trend Micro Coupon was the only real product which mastered both test groups, scoring 100 % on every one.

When programs place the brakes around the system

Additionally to security performance, you need to many customers if the packages decelerate their Computers, e.g. when copying data. For several items, it definitely is the situation. This group incorporated purchase and free software solutions alike, for example Avast, AVG, ESET or Ahnlab. What's promising, however, is the fact that you will find just like many items that will not decelerate your computer in everyday use, but still provide strong protection.

Within the test, the packages from Avira, Bitdefender, BullGuard, Comodo, F-Secure, Kaspersky Lab, McAfee, Qihoo 360, Symantec and Trend Micro Coupon shown strong protection having a minor system load. With this, they received between 5 and 6 highlights of the possible 6 within the Performance category.

Crying wolf from time to time

Within the test group of usability, the laboratory examined the items when it comes to false positives throughout system scans or product installations. The obstructing and warning of unpolluted websites seemed to be checked. Nearly all programs recognized the over 400Thousand benign code individuals as a result, and didn't block the clean websites or endure any harmless program throughout installation. With this, they received the utmost 6 points. Individual items committed minor errors with one to three false sensors and were slightly punished consequently. The only real conspicuous outcome was the items from AhnLab, Comodo and Tencent. Their false positive rate what food was in 19 to 30, Tencent even arrived at over 140.

Overall great results

At 17.5 points each, the items from Bitdefender, Kaspersky Lab and Trend Micro Coupon almost arrived at a high score of 18 possible points. As many as 7 other individuals gave a remarkable efficiency with 16 to 17 points.

The quite large midfield of anti-virus programs continues to have room for improvement in lots of areas. This category includes the majority of the free software programs – 9 from 11 items.

Customers must overlook the Security Necessities solution from Microsoft, since it's protection function is insufficient. The very best free software solutions can be found by Qihoo 360 by Panda. Qihoo 360 only is available in British, however, while Panda will come in several languages.

Director Testing Labs:
Erik Heyland

Independent testing of anti-virus software programs are very important. Because only when the producers non-stop still develop and keep their items would they reduce the chances of current adware and spyware. In 2014 alone, 4 new risks were registered every second.

Most producers not just promise good system protection, additionally they deliver it. The continual certification tests by Audio-video-TEST are evidence of this. Other independent institutes evaluate protection software only every couple of years. This type of snapshot states hardly any concerning the longevity of security items. That's why Audio-video-TEST examines items for his or her security every two several weeks based on established standards and verifies these tests using the certificate "Audio-video-TEST Licensed".

To facilitate processing, each test certificate is designated its very own report number. This allows test reviews to become retrieved even several weeks later, and enables the detailed leads to be precisely examined.

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