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January 26, 2016
LAME MP3 encoder 3.99.5
Utilized by: then selecting MP3 Files in the Save as type dropdown menu. MP3ExportOptions.png Also utilized by: then selecting MP3 Files in the Save as type dropdown menu. Within this situation the choices dialog can look in the heart of the Export Multiple dialog.

Bit Rate Mode

These offer four new ways to control the trade-off between your size and excellence of the released files.

  • Preset: This provides you a range of four presets suggested through the designers. Each preset is a mix of various encoding parameters as proven within the table below. Fundamental essentials suggested, simple to use configurations pick one unless of course you've reason to test out other parameters. Like a rough help guide to the claims designed for these presets, uncritical audience with quality equipment may see personal files encoded with Extreme preset to become indistinguishable in the original, and individuals with budget equipment should see little difference in the original file with Standard preset.

    The Insane preset is, instead of the utilized by another presets. Files encoded with Insane preset have a fixed 2.2 Megabytes each minute, frequently double how big Extreme preset, with hardly any audible improvement.

Gale 15Dec12: Modified the below table which in fact had values apparently from but that are incorrect for the past suggested LAME 3.98.2 or current 3.99.3 on Home windows (based on MediaInfo).
  • -b is 32 and is applicable regardless of fast or standard setting
  • low pass values were incorrect. I show 3.99.3 on Home windows however in 3.98.2, Extreme low pass what food was in a far more reasonable 19500 - I've not found any explanation of the decision in 3.99, only questions regarding it.
I question when we actually want to maintain this table?LAME Presets Encoding Particulars
(correct for LAME 3.99.3 on Home windows)
Preset Target killerbytes per second killerbytes per second range -b switch
killerbytes per second)
Insane 320 20500
Extreme 245 220-260 32 22100 Hz
Standard 190 170-210 18500 Hz
Medium 165 145-185 17500 Hz
  • Variable: This mode continuously varies the part rate used based on the complexity from the seem, so that they can maintain the standard from the recording in a consistent level. The configurations vary from (greatest quality) to 9 (littlest quality). Each setting defines a variety of bit rates within so it will normally operate, presuming a stereo system track. For any mono track, the accomplished bit rate for every setting will often be underneath the range indicated above.

    Level resembles the ultimate preset pointed out above, level 2 resembles Standard and level 4 to Medium presets. Variable bit rate offers the highest quality in comparison towards the Average and Constant bit rate options in many conditions (very quiet music is a exception). It'll tend to provide you with somewhat more compact file dimensions for any given amount of quality, however the actual file dimensions can not be precisely predicted ahead of time.

  • Average: This sets a known, average bit rate for that file, but in this particular average permits some fluctuations in bit rate to mirror the relative impossibility of encoding the file. This doesn't provide as consistently high an excellent as variable bit rate, but is usually more suitable to constant bit rate if you want to know pretty much what size your files is going to be it provides bit rates from 8 killerbytes per second to 320 killerbytes per second.
  • Constant: This sets a continuing bit rate for that encoding, no matter its complexity. From the four bit rate modes, this often provides the worst, least consistent quality for any given quality, however that size is completely foreseeable (observe that when you purchase a higher bit rate, the LAME encoder could use a lesser constant bit rate when you purchase 11025 Hz or lower project rate). Use constant bit rate if you're streaming the file on the internet, because it guarantees the audio cannot stutter because of sudden peaks within the bit rate. The accessible bit rates are identical for average bit rate - the default rate (128 killerbytes per second) provides you with a known quality of approximately 1 Megabytes each minute of mono or stereo system audio.
If you're conveying a continuing bit rate spoken word MP3 just like an audio book and also have a stereo system track in Audacity where both channels are similar, it's more suitable to make use of to transform one mono track before export. This can still seem exactly the same on stereo system equipment, but have greater quality since the fixed quantity of bits tight on audio to process.


Their list allows you choose the part rate in killerbytes per second (kilobits per second) for encoding your file. A greater bit rate always gives higher quality but at the fee for a bigger quality and the other way around. The part minute rates are absolute for average and constant bit rate modes, but expressed like a range for that variable and preset modes (aside from the Insane preset).

Variable Speed

Selection of speed can be obtained when utilizing variable bit rate encoding. It determines the rate and bit allocation programs from the encoding . The default "Fast" option is the same as -vbr-new and it is generally suggested for quality and speed. The "Standard" reduced option is the same as -vbr-old. It's possible this can provide more consistent encoding quality in certain material or if you want to make use of an earlier 3.9x form of LAME.

Audacity and LAME MP3 Encoder Install Tutorial
Audacity and LAME MP3 Encoder Install Tutorial
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Audacity: Install LAME MP3 Encoder
How to Install Audacity and the LAME MP3 Encoder
How to Install Audacity and the LAME MP3 Encoder
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