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February 14, 2016
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Because of our customers, Dr. Cleaner may be the #1 free Mac cleaning Application all over the world! It's the ONLY free Application that provides Memory Optimisation, Disk Cleaning and Large Files Scanner that will help you free your hard disk drive and accelerate your Mac. NOW, Dr. Cleaner happily introduces its new feature — Duplicate Finder!

Stop taking up your home with meaningless copies of files. Dr. Cleaner rapidly finds all duplicate files in your disk helping you instantly identify which file to help keep.

Watch this short video that shows how Dr. Cleaner enhances the efficiency of the digital existence:

"It removes undesirable and useless files to wash your mac. It will everything the outline states." — Kamil.Of Australia

"Quite simple - extremely effective. Simple to use and fantastic way to keep the Mac optimized." — Damo1193 from U.K.

"This is the best Application I've ever used…" — Jani from Germany


[Wise Memory Optimizer]
• 1-click memory optimisation
• Instantly reclaim memory from closed Applications
• Identify Applications which use a lot of memory
• Show real-time memory usage on status bar

[Junk Files Cleaner]
• Quick disk clean from status bar menu
• Clean temporary files, incl. logs, mail caches, iTunes and iOS temporary files, etc.Empty Trash for current user
• Clever recognition of remaining files after removing Applications
• Clean trash in detachable storage

[Large Files Scanner]
• 1-click scan of large files (easy to customize size from 10 Megabytes and above)
• Multiple filters of size, date, title and kind
• Local files synchronized together with your cloud drives can be found
• Protected files* won't be erased
[* Important large files could be "locked" in to the protected list to prevent false deletion.]

[Duplicate Finder]
• Thorough and quick scan — fast and accurate checking technique that covers your whole home folder.
• Wise and accurate selection — replicates are selected not just by file names but additionally by their contents. Files are proven in detailed previews. it may also help you "decide" which copy to remove by showing "Auto Choose" button.
• Simple and easy , safe decision — replicates could be sorted by file type and indexed by their full route that you should track. They are able to be either place in to Trash or erased permanently based on your personal decision.

We value your feedback! Please comment within the Application Store or submit ideas and demands straight to our designers through our support portal(

Source: itunes.apple.com
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