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December 5, 2016
Limiter №6 by Vladislav

Digitize audio, make live tracks, and apply digital effects effortlessly.

Features at the tips of the fingers.

Digitize tapes and vinyl records, record live performances, make your own mixes with crossfades, tweak the amount and EQ, apply digital effects, and save in most major file formats with Seem Studio.

Professional-quality tracks.

Record professional-sounding Podcasts along with other audio dialog. Spoken word, speeches, presentations, music, along with other audio all can be recorded and edited with similar high fidelity.

Easy batch processing.

Regularly up-to-date.

Seem Studio is frequently up-to-date to include additional features and make use of the latest Apple technologies.

Reviews ★★★★★

Seem Studio includes a lengthy history, also it now consists of all the tools required to create professional mixes. You are able to apply crossfades, adjust the equalization, and perk up your productions with natural-sounding delay, chorus, flanger, echo, and reverb effects. You may also cleanup old tracks and repair clicks and jumps either by interpolating samples or silencing them completely. The backward/reverse audio function may even assist you to decode individuals satanic messages hidden in your heavy metal and rock albums.

Lee Sherman,
Macworld Magazine

This is a great seem editor. I have used it to make a radio show for a long time. Reasonable cost and incredibly simple to use.

Douglas Henwood

I personally use this application to edit tracks of chapel services. The marker and splitting implementation get this to process so easily it's amazing. The UI is intuitive. I've found miracle traffic bot simple, straightforward along with a pleasure to make use of.

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