Simple CAD for Mac

November 6, 2018
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is a straightforward, easy to learn 2D Computer Assisted Design program (CAD) designed to meet all your fundamental design needs. SimpleCAD is not only a vector fresh paint program, since you can move, copy, edit, scale, rotate and offset objects.

Primary functions from the application:

  • Fundamental draw products: including freehand lines, line, polyline, orthogonal line, tangent line, parallel line, rectangle, polygon, circle, arc (NOTE: native ellipse isn't supported, only support ellipse produced by polyline object). Text box, callout box, picture box (imported from image file), measure products.
  • Modify functions: move, erase, copy, mirror, offset, rotate, scale, stretch items' vertices, lengthen, trim, extend, break, chamfer, fillet and explode polyline, join, array, polar array.
  • Auto Snap point setting: Snap to power grid, finish points of objects, on entity, center of arc - line - circle, middle reason for arc - line, crossing points, snap to top, left, right, bottom edges of the circle, arc.
  • Multi layers: you can create new layer to attract more products. Layers might be proven, hidden individually.
  • Add image: You could include any image file (support file type: presen, jpeg, png, bmp, pict, tiff) to show being an item within the application. Image file might be proven in following modes: Stretch / Fit inside bound / Fit outdoors bound. The applying also enables to tugOrDecrease many image files from Finder (or press Cmd-V to stick image from current Clipboard) to current editing window to include these to the diagram.
  • Add products (block) to bar Template list: Right click selected products then choose "Increase template list" in order to save the block to template list to ensure that you are able to reuse it later.
  • Easy to customize background: Background color, total size the diagram might be transformed throughout editing. Background color is also set to transparent.
  • Open/Save to "*.AAD" file: AAD (*.aad) may be the new file type produced just for this application. Press "⌘S" in order to save current diagram for an AAD file to ensure that you can load it later for editing.
  • Capture to clipboard: Press "⌘9" or click Capture button to export current diagram image to clipboard, then you may paste that image to a different application. Example: Open [Preview] application, press "⌘N" to stick above taken image to see in order to save for an image file. Obviously, you can paste that image to Stand out, Word application too.

Other functions:

  • Supports Metric or British models (you can change it out within the Preferences dialog)
  • Limitless Undo/Redo (shortcut key: Cmd-Z / Change-Cmd-Z)
  • Copy / Paste (shortcut key: Cmd-C / Cmd-V)
  • Group / Ungroup Products (shortcut key: Cmd-G / Change-Cmd-G)
  • Lock/Unlock products position (shortcut key: Cmd-L / Change-Cmd-L)
  • Change display order
  • Export to png, jpeg, tiff, pdf image file (shortcut key: Cmd-E)
  • Print supported (shortcut key: Cmd-P)

Mac Product

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