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October 20, 2014

by: Download.com staff on December 18, 2014

AppCleaner for Mac can help you rapidly eliminate undesirable software and all sorts of connected files rapidly, so that you can keep things running easily. Since just moving applications towards the Rubbish bin leave procuring files behind, it's nice to possess software such as this to make sure you obvious out everything at the same time.


Fast and efficient: The interface is simply a small window that you could drag and drop undesirable applications into. When you accomplish that, the program finds any connected files and lists them also, so that you can remove them all at one time. You will find also tabs across the top window for Icons yet others, and you may examine these to find out if there's anything extra you have to remove. Everything you decide to remove is gone to live in the garbage, so that you can evaluate it before removing it entirely.

Preferences: Underneath the Preferences menu, you can include any applications you need to safeguard from deletion, and you may also turn the Wise Remove feature off and on. Wise Remove picks up when an application continues to be trashed while offering to get rid of any files connected with this software. It is really an especially handy feature for unskilled customers.


No Help: While there's an aid link indexed by the drop-lower menu, it does not really exist. The application is very straightforward, so most customers may have little difficulty finding their way around, but it might be nice to possess some kind of reference.

Main Point Here

AppCleaner for Mac is effective that will help you rid your pc of undesirable applications and connected files. Its sleek process causes it to be available to customers of experience levels, which minimizes the issues produced by the possible lack of an aid reference.

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