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August 14, 2015
Up having my PC, Mac and

You will find numerous utilities made to whip your pc back to tip-good shape following a fragmented hard disk, junk files, and registry issues slows system performance—MacPaw's CleanMyPC is one. The utility will a decent job of whipping worn Computers back to shape, nevertheless its one-PC license limitation makes other performance-improving applications for example Comodo PC Tuneup, Iolo System Auto technician , and SlimWare Utilities Slimcleaner (free) more appealing.

The Fundamentals
The Home windows 8 and Home windows 7-compatible CleanMyPC includes a soft, attractive blue-and-whitened interface. It is extremely simply designed the left column houses My Computer, Hibernation, Registry Maintenance, Complete Un-install, Devices &lifier Extensions Manager, Autorun, Privacy Guard, and Secure Erase tools. They are made to release hard disk space, safeguard your privacy, and repair the registry—the supply of many a Home windows problem.

One minute approximately once i clicked on the scan icon within the primary screen, CleanMyPC revealed several GB of "needless data." Unlike SlimWare SlimCleaner Utilities, CleanMyPC did not offer detailed entries of the items required to go. It did, however, reveal just how much space it freed up. CleamMyPC lacks, however, lacks a backup and restore feature to guard your computer from the negative effects that could arise after cleaning your personal computer.

Performance Enhancements
I examined CleanMyPC's capability to whip your personal computer back to shape by carrying out two tests—running the Geekbench system performance oral appliance calculating boot times—before after running the program. I went each test three occasions and averaged the outcomes. Before CleanMyPC scrubbed laptops (a couple-GHz Apple Core i7 X990 Style-Note notebook with 4GB of RAM, as well as an 80GB Apple SSD drive), the machine accomplished a 5, 914 Geekbench score and 50.3 seconds boot time.

My testbed's performance enhanced once i went CleanMyPC. The GeekBench score rose to six, 154 (a little behind SlimCleaner's 6, 338) and also the boot time decreased to 39.4 seconds (much better than Iolo System Mechanic's 44.2 seconds).

PC Tune-up Utilities Comparison Chart
Individuals amounts wouldn't mean much whether it did not result in user-noticeable improvements—fortunately, it will. Home windows and menus opened up with extra pep that wasn't present once the machine was junked up. So did heavy-duty applications like iTunes. Still, I'd have wanted for a general faster system boot.

CleanMyPC's greatest problem is not performance, but cost and limitations. The $39.99 cost grants or loans you simply one license. Comodo System Utilities ($19.99), Iolo System Auto technician ($49.99), and SlimCleaner (free) don't have any such limitations—you can install the program on as numerous Computers as you want. CleanMyPC offers two license ($59.99) and five license ($99.95) tiers, but they are pricey. If you reside in a multi-PC home, you might want to look elsewhere.

If You Work With CleanMyPC To Wash Your PC?
CleanMyPC shipped solid performance improvement, however it drops the ball when it comes to license restrictions and it is boot time improvement is not the very best. If you want to optimize only one PC CleanMyPC may be worth considered, but Iolo System Auto technician and SlimWare Utilities Slimcleaner be more effective all-around options.

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