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September 10, 2016

by: staff on May 31, 2014

CCleaner for Mac scans the body to get rid of a myriad of files that may slow your Mac lower after which removes the products you would like. Through this app's intuitive interface, you are able to choose where you can scan, after which see the type and quantity of products the scan detected prior to being erased.


Category organization: Whenever you choose products to scan, so when you view your results, products within this app's interface are organized by category. Which means you'll find what you are searching for rapidly, and also you know precisely what you are searching at whenever you check out the scan results.

Un-install panel: Additionally towards the scanner and cleaner, this application also features an Un-install Panel which makes getting rid of programs out of your Mac easy. Just choose this program you need to eliminate and click on the "Un-install" button, and also the application takes proper care of the relaxation.


No individual selection: Once you have selected areas you need to scan, you cannot deselect products within the scan results. When the program returns with files you are unsure you need to remove, you will need to uncheck that entire category and run the scan again before you proceed with deletion.

Main Point Here

CCleaner is really a smooth-running free program that can help your Mac run as effectively as you possibly can. As the lack of preference within the files which are erased is sort of of the drawback, you will find ways around it. And you will find lots of wonderful features packed into this application making it worth testing out.

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