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December 29, 2021
Music Maker Jam: Create

Drop a music video, anytime.

Select the perfect song for now and shoot a couple of takes, anywhere. Using the tap of the mouse Triller edits them together to produce a celebrity-quality music video starring both you and your buddies that appears such as the ones your preferred artists produce.

- Choose an audio lesson of your liking
- CAPTURE multiple video takes
- STYLIZE with awesome filters
- AUTO-EDIT your own music video
- TEXT or email to buddies and family
- SHARE to Instagram, Vine, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube along with other internet sites

Let the creativity flow. Be spontaneous. Get Triller.

Questions? Feedback? We like it. Please write us at:

Video credits:

“The Business Of Emotion” (foot. Whitened Ocean)
Carried out by Large Data
Compiled by Alan Wilkis and Morgan Kibby
Thanks to Warner Bros. Records, Tunes of Wilcassettes, and Tunes Music Posting
By arrangement with Warner Group Certification, Spirit Two Music Corporation., and Tunes Music Posting, LLC

What's New in Version 1..8

- New filters: Presenting our first filter pack... Colors.

- Let's focus on iPad

- New square/wide toggle

- Up-to-date designs

- Bug fixes

simply perfect !
by baby._.girl

I completely love this application with without doubt . it's mainly any boy u can think about and merely is really easy to use !! I literally make one like a minimum of one or two occasions per week . it'll never become older . I am talking about I am 13 and I have seen comments on 23 years old utilizing it !! that's amazing . but my only suggestion for this beautifuly amazingly awesome application is…to turn it into a social factor . where u can make ur own videos on your own or make a free account and share them on triller itself . It could be a lot fun . and Among the finest to determine other individuals videos !! you can even allow it to be possess a most widely used page increase it every single day or maybe even each week . It could be an incredible new increase the application . and that i curently have tons of people that think that might be really awesome and fun to possess too !!

again just wanna say I really like the application ❣💘

I really like this application a lot!!!
by Kyle Aaron

This application is really fun to make use of and extremely makes everything look so professional!!! I've a lot fun with my buddies flaunting the roads of Bay Area just making movies and yeah people stare and most likely think we are dumb but we're getting time in our lives making reminiscences!!!

Your time and effort is restricted so make as numerous happy reminiscences as possible then when you appreciate everyday existence when you are old you'll have some good thing to remember! That is what my parents always let me know...

This application is ageless too meaning, I am 23 and that i like it just like a 15 years old would certainly as my gram and uncle appreciate it!!!

by Littleh❤️

I really like this application since it makes funny, professional, and flattering videos! My pal and that i sex videos to the favorite tunes both funny and professional. I've got a ipod device touch which application makes our videos seem like it had been directed with a famous director. My only complaint is it glitches and does not save my work so I must start once again... Please fix this issue! I really like this application and would recommend this to a person who would like to have some fun making awesome videos! We have been making videos all day long!

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