Free music editing software for Mac

August 26, 2022
Download free music

Macsome Audio Editor is really a free, easy-to-use and practical music editing program.

With the aid of Audio Editor, you are able to rapidly and simply copy, paste and trim audio, in addition to split files. If you want, you may also then add interesting effects like fade, zoom, voice increase and noise decrease.

Fade In or Diminish a sound

When trimming an audio lesson to suit a relevant video, a rapid stop and start might be rough around the listener's ears. That appears not too good. At this time around you are able to lessen the seem by lightly diminishing the background music out and in.

Don't be concerned, this Audio Editor will help you well. Just open a sound, and choose the start of audio. After which click "Fadein" button, you might listen the amount towards the finish from the selection ramping up. Next, plesase choose the finish of audio, after which click "Fadeout" button, the amount towards the finish from the selection ramping lower. Finally please adjust audio configurations and reserve it.

And you have added Fade In and Diminish these effects for your music effectively.

Make Ring-tone for mobile phone

By using it, you are able to split a part of an MP3 or AAC song to suit for for apple iphone, or other phone which support MP3 or AAC file since it's ring-tone. And you may also employ it to get rid of any undesirable part or advertisements from audio recordings.

Add &lifier Edit ID tags.

When the edited music doesn't have ID tag, or even the primary ID tags aren't appropriate, you are able to eaisly add ID Tags or edit ID tags for that audio file held on to disk. ID Tags including Song Title, Artist, Album Title, etc. You are able to edit Artist, Title, Album along with other metadata tags for MP3 or AAC format.

Save a part of audio, split audio recordings, remove bits from audio file and adjust the volumn of the audio

If you do not like some part of audio file, you are able to choose a part of audio, then save to file for you want.

Just one file is simply too large, don't be concerned. It is simple to split with a pieces with Macsome Audio Editor.

To chop out advertisements or any other bits from audio file, just highlight the information and click on Remove.

If you do not such as the wolumn, just choose a part of audio, then adjust volumn.

Free trial offer

Among the best factor about Macsome Audio Editor is that it's a free of charge software, and liberated to upgrade.

If you wish to edit an bought audiobook, Please use Macsome audio book Ripper tools to transform it to MP3 or AAC format. If you wish to edit an DRM M4P you purchased from iTunes Shop, you might need Macsome iTunes Ripper tools to transform it to MP3 or AAC format.

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