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March 16, 2017
Additional Menus on Mac

The Unit plugin is displayed automatically inside a new installing of Audacity. When the Device plugin isn't visible, click .

You might want to expand the width of Device Plugin by dragging directly on the drag handle.

  1. Click the Recording Channels dropdown menu and select whether or not to record in stereo system or mono
  2. Set the Playback Device and Recorder dropdown menus towards the built-in computer seem device, in order to the particular seem device your cable is blocked into.
    • Home windows: Pick the line-in choice for your connected seem device (for instance, "Line-In: Realtek HD Device"). Don't choose "Microsoft Seem Mapper" or "Primary Seem Capture Driver".
    • Linux: Choose the connected seem device.
    • OS X: Choose the "Built-in Audio: Line In" input device, or "USB Audio CODEC" if you work with an exterior USB audio adapter.
  3. If you fail to choose your input source as referred to above, or maybe the road-in input will not record, you should use the operating-system mixer device to find the needed input. For instructions, begin to see the further help for Home windows, Mac OS X or Linux on the Wiki.


  1. Decide if you wish to "monitor" your recording, that's, listen to it performed back while you allow it to be.
    • Hardware playthrough: This can be a method on some Home windows and Linux machines that allows you unmute the input directly within the seem device. To make use of this, open the operating-system seem mixer, then your Playback section, then unmute line-in and switch the amount up. You'll find the machine mixer within the User Interface at on Home windows Vista/Home windows 7/Home windows 8 or on Home windows XP. On Linux, it might be easy to unmute input products in ALSAmixer then set playback and recording products in Audacity towards the (hw) device.
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