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December 21, 2016
Irfanview interview

Record notes and audio synced using the best taking notes application within the Application Store!

AudioNote combines the functionality of the notepad and voice recorder to produce a effective tool that could save you time while enhancing the standard of the notes. It’s the right application for college students or business.

By syncing notes and audio, AudioNote instantly indexes your conferences, lectures, interviews, or study periods. Have to evaluate the discussion about deliverables in your next project? Attempting to remember exactly what the professor needed to say about an important factor? With AudioNote there's you don't need to spend your time searching car recording to discover. Each note functions like a link directly to the stage where it had been recorded, taking you instantly to what you would like to listen to. Did not take any notes throughout the meeting? Not a problem, you can include them later.

A completely functional note application, AudioNote also increases the need for the important points. Watch as the text, sketches, and photos highlight throughout playback, allowing you to recall the context that they were taken.

Using the ease of the iPad or apple iphone, you should use AudioNote anywhere: conferences, interviews, conferences, lectures, study periods. Make use of it to record memos to yourself while you write down new ideas. Join the 1000's of scholars, instructors, business professionals, along with other experts who have previously discovered how much of an indispensable tool AudioNote could be. Check it out today!

Note: AudioNote Lite is meant like a free viewer for AudioNote files as well as includes demo recording functionality, restricted to ten minutes of audio per note and a pair of hrs total. For limitless recording and enhanced discussing options, upgrade fully AudioNote - Notepad and Voice Recorder application.


AudioNote Features:

- Synchronized note and audio recording
- Seek straight to audio by tapping notes
- Outlined notes throughout playback
- Place text, drawing, photo, &lifier highlighter notes
- Audio amplifier for tracks produced in bigger conference rooms
- Import and take notes on PDF documents (iPad only)
- Tell iCloud, Dropbox, or through iTunes
- Desktop support: view your .audionote files on Mac or PC
(see our website for more information)

Featured in Gizmodo's "The Very Best Taking Notes Applications":

"AudioNote has one trick, and it is a doozy. Apart from functioning like a fundamental note-taking application, AudioNote could make seem tracks simultaneously, and them synchronized, note by note, using the text. You are able to, essentially, experience again a lecture or perhaps a meeting through seem and notes."

What Clients Say:

"The very best taking notes application available!"
- Bill K.

"I have been searching for an email taking program. Attempted several. This is actually the best undoubtedly."

Source: itunes.apple.com
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