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December 5, 2015
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One of the various first-party omissions on watchOS 2, the possible lack of a Voice Memos application for Apple Watch is possibly probably the most curious one. Because of the OS' support for audio recording and playback, a local Voice Memos application for that Watch could be a perfect companion for taking ideas and audio notes anywhere. Just Press Record, a $2.99 Universal application, really wants to supply the missing voice recorder for Apple Watch customers.

Just Press Record includes a minimal interface having a large red-colored microphone button in the center of the screen. Tap it to record, tap it again when you are done. Tracks are saved as .m4a files having a timestamp his or her filename the playback UI includes media controls, to start dating ?, and buttons to remove and share the file using system extensions. Just Press Record can record audio without anyone's knowledge on iOS (start recording and shut the application), also it supports Slide Over and Split Take on the iPad.

What's great about Just Press Record is it runs natively on watchOS 2 with direct accessibility microphone. Because of new developer APIs in watchOS 2, Just Press Record can record audio from the Apple Watch's microphone and listen to it back using the built-in speaker.

Around the Watch, the application is very simple having a button that you could tap to begin recording. Audio tracks are instantly delivered to the apple iphone application once saved, that is shown by an upload icon towards the bottom right corner (it becomes a eco-friendly checkmark when done). Because of watchOS 2, the application launches fast, works well, also it can be also utilized in Plane Mode or whenever your apple iphone has run out of range. You will still have the ability to record audio, and files will be delivered to the apple iphone around the next connection.

Last, Just Press Record uses iCloud Drive like a storage after sales between products, and in my opinion it's labored dependably under iOS 9. Files are organized in folders by date, plus they carry the filename you select within the application. iCloud sync continues to be fast within my tests, and since it always works without anyone's knowledge, I do not need to bother about conveying my files or make certain they have submitted effectively.

Within this first release, Just Press Record does not possess a glance or complication to produce the application with less taps. Similarly, there is no support for Spotlight search in iOS 9, which means you will not have the ability to look for audio recordings and jump for them. They are minor complaints, but Let me discover their whereabouts addressed within the next releases.

I would not be amazed to determine more Apple applications visiting the timepiece soon, possibly with watchOS 3. Meanwhile, though, Just Press Record is a straightforward, fast voice recorder that utilizes iCloud Drive and also the superior performance of watchOS 2 to help you to record audio inside a couple of seconds out of your wrist, without notice. The app's compatibility with iCloud Drive and iPad (and OS X) is really a welcome plus, because it enables audio tracks for use anywhere.

Simple voice recording tips & techniques by Vijay Dayal
Simple voice recording tips & techniques by Vijay Dayal
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