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June 4, 2017
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gb-share-export-podcastIf one makes your audio essay in GarageBand, you will have to export it as being an mp3 file before you share it using the class (around the blog or Google Drive), or with anybody for your matter.

When you are prepared to share your recording, stick to the steps below. These steps won’t change anything regarding your original recording, so that you can always go back to it and continue recording and/or editing.


Whenever you record into GarageBand, you’re doing this at full quality. Which makes for excellent seem, it leads to files which are enormous, particularly if you have greater than a minute approximately of audio. So that’s one good reason why you need to export into mp3 format: to produce a compressed file that'll be much more compact.

Here’s one more reason: files produced in GarageBand finish in .band, plus they must always remain in your GarageBand folder within your Music folder. Odds are good that you’re the only person who'd ever have the ability to open these files, since they’re indigenous to your form of GarageBand and could contain material out of your hard disk. Which means you can’t share your audio tracks with other people by providing us a copy of the .band file. Rather, export an mp3 to see others.

Title the Released Version

Stick to the file title format specified by the appropriate calendar entry, that will typically begin with your name and a few information on a job and version. For instance: Mary-audiostory-draft

Don't put spaces within the file title or any kind of punctuation apart from hyphens. (That is true for just about any file you intend to use the net.) Also don’t by hand type .mp3, as GarageBand is going to do that instantly. Should you not view it, probably you left the “hide extension” box checked at the end from the Save as box.

mac-finder-finding-exported-mp3Once you provide the file an internet-friendly title, select a destination folder in order to save it in. Within my Music folder, I produced a folder entitled Exports from GarageBand. As you can tell below, this is where my demo mp3 is going to be saved.

How To Locate YOUR Released MP3

Change to the Finder and study for that mp3 file you simply released. It ought to be within the folder you indicated in the last step. Should you can’t think it is, try searching with Spotlight while using file title you gave it.

mac-finder-folder-pathHere’s what my demo export appears like within the folder I saved it to:

This is actually the version I'd upload to Google Drive or even the blog (or wherever). Before you accomplish that, make certain you are aware how to obtain the file again when you are while using blog’s media uploader or Google Drive’s file uploader.

Basically had found the file below using Spotlight and desired to know where it resides in my Mac’s Finder, I'd right-click the title from the folder the file is within, to determine the entire path, such as this:

This way I’d know how to locate the file after i desired to upload it somewhere (or attach it for an email).


Hopefully held on the work throughout the entire process of focusing on it, but achieve this one further time before you decide to close the work. Whenever you achieve this the very first time, GarageBand provides you with the prompt below. Just believe me when I say to you that you ought to always agree (rather than look into the box which makes this prompt disappear permanently).

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