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September 19, 2015
Mini Digital Voice Recorder

SoundTap is streaming audio capture software that will convert any audio playing using your computer to mp3 or wav files. Streaming audio is recorded with a special kernel driver to preserve digital quality of sound.

Streaming Audio Recording Programs

  • Record internet radio webinars. R / c are needed to log and archive all broadcasts under FCC rules.
  • Save streaming audio broadcasts. If you work with BroadWave to broadcast your band, SoundTap can record and archive the broadcasts.
  • Record streaming audio conferences. SoundTap works perfectly to record conferences located with this Quorum Conference Server.
  • Convert audio from uncommon formats to wav or mp3. e.g., Convert a voice recording in ds2 format to mp3 utilizing a ds2 player and SoundTap.
  • Record Voice over internet protocol telephone calls created using Skype or Express Talk softphone.
    This really is frequently completed in companies or sales departments for quality assurance.
Streaming Audio Recorder Features
  • Record audio performed on your pc in direct digital without any quality loss
  • Saves files in wav or mp3 format with an array of selected codec and compression options
  • Capability to record and blend microphone input to capture each side when recording a Voice over internet protocol or Conference conversation (optional)
* SoundTap matches Microsoft's DRM signed driver model and won't record streams if your DRM player can be used and when the stream is marked as DRM copy-protected.
free sound recorder on your computer
free sound recorder on your computer
My first recorded rap on computer sound recorder
My first recorded rap on computer sound recorder
Sound Recorder
Sound Recorder
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