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August 20, 2015
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Let’s acquire one factor obvious: we like it when Minecrafters host servers. Small or massive, running vanilla or modded Minecraft, we believe they’re all great. Having fun with buddies in persistent mobile phone industry's rocks !. Everybody recognizes that.

In the last week there’s been plenty of discussion about Minecraft servers as well as your to monetise them. Legally, you aren't permitted to earn money from your items. There's been one exception for this rule to date - Minecraft videos. We’re going to create a second exception - Minecraft servers.

Hosting servers could be costly. You want to give hosts a method to cover their costs. Nevertheless, we don’t want our gamers to become used or to possess a frustrating time unless of course they pay. The next rules, which might be tweaked later on, happen to be produced using these points in your mind.

You're permitted to charge gamers to gain access to your server
As long as the charge is identical for those gamers, you're permitted to charge for use of your server. You aren't permitted to separate your playerbase into having to pay, and non-having to pay customers, nor are you able to restrict game play elements to various tiers of player.

Essentially, if you are charging for use of your server, you're selling a “ticket” there are only able to be one sort of ticket, no matter just how much people are prepared to spend.

You're permitted to simply accept donations
You're permitted to simply accept donations from gamers. You are able to thank them openly or perhaps in-game, but can’t give preferential strategy to giving. You aren't permitted to limit game play features so that they can earn money.

You're permitted to supply in-game advertising or sponsorship possibilities
You're permitted to place adverts inside your Minecraft mobile phone industry's to assist with costs. Used within reason, adverts and sponsorship could be appropriate methods to fund a web server.

You're permitted to market in-game products as long as it normally won't affect game play
We don’t actually selling products in game, but they ought to be purely cosmetic. Pets, hats, and particle effects are OK, but swords, invincibility products, and guy-eating pigs aren't. We would like all gamers to become presented with similar game play features, whether or not they choose to pay or otherwise.

There's one exception for this rule - capes! We've an enjoyable experience making awesome capes for added-special people in our community and Minecon participants. We’d like to ensure that they're as exclusive as you possibly can. So, yeah, no capes please, even when you are providing them with away free of charge.

You can't charge real-world cash for in-game currency
We don’t mind in-game foreign currencies that are gained through playing, but you're not permitted to market them legitimate-world cash. Remember - when the items you sell affects game play, we are not awesome by using it.

Don't make believe you be us. Provide your clients with lots of info
Should you choose choose to monetise your server, you have to clearly condition the purchase isn't connected with Mojang, declare who the cash will, and supply an order background and information. It's also wise to look into the legitimacy of promoting digital products inside your specific region.

Thank you for reading through!
When I hope you've observed, these rules are earning tries to prevent Minecraft servers becoming “pay-to-win.” We hate the thought of server hosts restricting Minecraft’s features to gamers who've already bought our game! It appears really mean.

We’re wishing these rules can give hosts chance to carry on creating awesome Minecraft mobile phone industry's, as well as for our gamers to savor them without having to spend.

I am sure we'll get lots of questions regarding this subject within the next couple of days. I'll make a follow-up publish once I have collected your queries.

Source: mojang.com
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