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November 11, 2015
Minecraft 1.8.3 server list

By today, we've Minecraft servers available for rental. You will find the opportunity to acquire one cheap!

We’ve been working hard at Dat Host, making certain that people can provide you with an excellent service. Today’s update features a new user interface( and have a look!), a credit system and Minecraft servers.

Minecraft servers

To celebrate the launch in our Minecraft servers, we’re offering all of our packages for 50% off for that first month. Simply employ this code:


You can observe our packages below(1 Credit = €1(excl. possible VAT)):

Pony package – 4 credits (2 with discount) – 512 Megabytes RAM
Equine package – 8 credits (4 with discount) – 1024 Megabytes RAM
Warhorse package – 12.50 credits (6.25 with discount) – 2048 Megabytes RAM
Centaur package – 19.25 credits (9.63 with discount) – 3072 Megabytes RAM
Unicorn package – 23 credits (11.50 with discount) – 4096 Megabytes RAM

As you can tell, you can aquire a Minecraft server for as little as €2. You can compare these prices with other companies, and we’re sure it’ll be a simple choice!

You may choose from a normal Minecraft server or perhaps a Craftbukkit one. If you want another kind of server, simply tell us and we’ll arrange that for you personally.

Minecraft | Free Minecraft Server
Minecraft | Free Minecraft Server!!!
Free Minecraft Server Update - Over 2 Players!!
Free Minecraft Server Update - Over 2000 Players!!
How To Join Minecraft Servers For Free
How To Join Minecraft Servers For Free
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