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April 25, 2017
Buy Minecraft server

As you may have previously heard, Microsoft is going to be obtaining MinecraftEdu. Read their announcement here. You'll find FAQ on the website but here are a few quick details for MinecraftEdu customers:

  • You can preserve using MinecraftEdu as lengthy as you desire.
  • MinecraftEdu sales continues normally for the time being.
  • MinecraftEdu proprietors is going to be offered twelve months from the new Education Edition free of charge.
  • MinecraftEdu Located Servers could keep working, and may still join one.
  • TeacherGaming will not be going anywhere so we have new exciting plans for future years!

We would have liked to accept chance and share our ideas around the matter.

Since Microsoft bought Mojang at the end of 2014, we've been dealing with their team to organize for future years. We're happy these plans is now able to talked about freely. Microsoft will release a completely latest version of the overall game known as Minecraft: Education Edition which will have numerous features inspired by MinecraftEdu. Microsoft may also use their impressive assets and achieve to create Minecraft into much more classes than in the past. We feel that Minecraft’s educational potential has barely been investigated which you will find exciting occasions ahead.

Whenever we began TeacherGaming this year, we'd no clue where this journey would take us. Our organization began entirely by instructors and developers who have been determined to create a different product for classes. We thought exceptional games could empower instructors to provide new and significant encounters for college students. So we were fortunate to utilize among the finest games ever – Minecraft!

We played around with, we iterated, we searched for out early adopters. We took in to instructors, students, parents, managers, scientists, and much more. We owe a personal debt to any or all these innovative individuals who imagined new methods to train and discover. They assisted shape MinecraftEdu into what's is becoming. We're incredibly happy with the merchandise we produced and it is effect on students worldwide.
Both TeacherGaming and Microsoft are dedicated to causeing this to be transition an even one. Within the next a few days we are delivering more here is how this transformation affects current MinecraftEdu customers and what to anticipate. But we would have liked to talk about some fundamental details today.

Anybody who wants to help keep using MinecraftEdu could achieve this. We notice that 1000's of colleges have invested some time and assets in developing their MinecraftEdu choices. The overall game is constantly function just like it's for that expected future. If you work with our Hosting Plan to run your servers within the cloud, everything could keep working. Actually, we’ve been adding features to the hosting service to really make it fantastic!
If you opt to migrate from MinecraftEdu towards the Minecraft: Education Edition once it might be available, you’ll get a free year and services information from Microsoft. More particulars soon.

Hopefully that individuals will appreciate everyday MinecraftEdu like a type of laboratory that investigated the options of recent types of learning. We assisted map the curves of methods a game title like Minecraft may affect the way forward for education. And each day i was inspired through the creative ways in which instructors and students used the overall game. Ultimately, we introduced MinecraftEdu to in excess of 10Thousand schools in additional than 45 nations. It's presently used at each level from kindergarten through graduate school, and contains been put on almost all subject matter.

TeacherGaming will continue with its pursuit to bring great games towards the class. We still focus on KerbalEdu which is dependant on the award-winning Kerbal Space Program. And we’ll make other exciting bulletins about our portfolio of games soon, too! There's still a lot untrained possibility of using games to teach, inspire, and fasten with students. We can’t wait to carry on your way.

-The TeacherGaming Team

“Keep learning fun!”

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