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March 20, 2017
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by: Download.com staff on November 06, 2014

NCH's WavePad Seem Editor Masters Edition v 5.96 evaluates and edits audio, burns dvds, converts text-to-speech, and adds a myriad of effects to WAVs and extra audio formats.


Intuitive layout: WavePad Seem Editor Masters Edition's Office-style Ribbon plugin, integrated media player, and enormous spectral display create an intuitive interface. Like other NCH tools, WavePad eliminates dark styles in support of a less fancy but more effective layout.

Professional tools: WavePad boasts Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) and Temporal Fourier Transform (TFFT) frequency analysis, peak sample, beat recognition, multichannel audio, stereo system pan, reverb, multiple chained effects, click and pop repair, text-to-speech, a tone generator, a noise reduction menu, and much more professional-quality audio tools.

Bookmarks: You are able to bookmark clips for convenient use of stop and start points, beats, and so forth.

Automatic beats recognition: WavePad finds and combines beats and shows beats-per-minute for fast sampling.


Pop-ups et al: Pop-up nags, advertisements in browser pages, as well as the NCH Suite might strike some customers as a little heavy-handed for shareware, even throughout an effort.

Main Point Here

WavePad is not as fancy as some audio editors, but megabyte-sized WAVs loaded rapidly, and it is filled with features and extra supplies.

Editors' note: This can be a overview of the trial form of WavePad Seem Editor Masters Edition 5.96.

Source: download.cnet.com
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