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August 19, 2022
Is free Music Editor app

"Beautiful clutter-free interface" —

"Hokusai will convince you that audio was intended to be edited having a touchscreen — it's so natural in this particular application that you will end up consistently returning into it.Inch — iOS Music And Also You

Hokusai is really a multitrack audio editor for apple iphone or iPad. Record or import a track, making it seem how you would like it to: not only trimming the finishes, but full cut, copy, paste and remove, along with a suite of filters and effects available.

Edit many tracks side-by-side, mix them together, and export to wave or mp4 format — then transfer these to your pc via USB or Dropbox, or send these to another application in your device.

Hokusai is sleek to provide you with a clear, obvious look at your tracks. Make use of the familiar pinch and swipe gestures to zoom in and fiddle with depth, or take a step back to determine the large picture. Just like choosing text in other applications, you are able to choose bits of audio. Live "scrubbing" means frequency higher the seem beneath your finger while you help make your changes. And also you need not fear a poor edit with this full undo/redo support: as numerous levels as space enables.

Hokusai comes free with some helpful tools for example fade in/out, normalise volume levels, reverse time, and fundamental synthesis. If you want more energy, you are able to upgrade from the application to include new tools and effects, including: AudioCopy/AudioPaste, Time Bar (time frameOrleader), per-track volume/mute dial, grain synthesis, noise gating, time-stretching, pitch-bending, echo, reverb, modulation (AM &lifier FM), resonance, distortion, grunge, vocal levelling, monster voice, high/low/band-pass/notch-cut filter and much more.

What's New in Version 1..18

• Enhanced discussing choices on iOS 8: Share released files via compatible applications

• File Provider support on iOS 8: Export files to iCloud in addition to Dropbox along with other cloud storage companies

• Enhanced compatibility with third-party audio products

• Performance and stability updates

The very best for voice-over tracks

by KackyW

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