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November 13, 2016
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WavePad Audio Editor Free is really a full-featured professional music and audio editor. With WavePad you are able to edit and record music, voice, along with other audio tracks. You are able to edit audio recordings with tools like cut, copy, paste. You may also add audio effects including echo, amplify, and noise reduction.

WavePad supports numerous formats including vox, gsm, and much more! Regardless if you are an expert or perhaps an at-home enthusiast, WavePad has all the tools you have to edit audio recordings. Typical programs include ring tones, voice-overs, trim seem bits, and much more!

WavePad features:
• Supports numerous file formats including wave and aiff
• Editing abilities include cut, copy, paste, place, trim and much more
• Effects include amplify, normalize, echo and much more
• Use multiple files
• Supports auto-trim and voice triggered recording
• Choose sample rates from 8000-44100hz, 8-32 bits
• Recording runs without anyone's knowledge so when the screen turns off

What's New in Version 6.36

Fixed: While playing a waveform, FFT window moves underneath the waveform window.
Fixed: Project files skipped within the File->Recent menu

Might be awesome
by Lost in irig hell

I've had this ap for some time because you can achieve this much. I Then visit record and realize there's s glitch every couple of seconds so does not matter how easy it is by using when the recording is glitches. You are able to input tracks however i need something to really record into. Help Wavepad.
What is the glitch

News reporter
by Radio reporter

This application labored great for several years until this last upgrade in December. It is now useless. I've the professional version and tried on the extender frequently within my profession, however I will need to look for a different editor. To be sure with another rater that technical support is actually nonexistent. I sent a "bug report" rather than heard back.

Really bad
by Lina5902

Did two small tracks. It features a time period limit, sounds is if it decides it's too noisy. And all of a sudden after two tracks it could not work any longer. Just awful. Don't recommend it whatsoever.

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