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April 1, 2018
Completely Free and clean!

Because of the CONS, it's difficult to include any pros.


Evo-gen along with a search redirector known as "splendor search" was installed. Really disappointed within this...the un-install for Splendor Search seemed to be flagged.


Have no idea what's going on however i uninstalled. cleared up the mess and will not think back.

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100% Free. No Spy ware, NO Malware, NO Adware and spyware, Not One Other Applications, simply miracle!
99.9% Stable
Wide Options
Chromakey, eco-friendly muslin, greenscreen background remover
I adore Free Of Charge?

.01% Crashes (Just minimal, at random, 1 every 50 occasions...)
Nothing really, I am a real human who isn't backed by them only a energy user!

100% suggested! I personally use for video game play for Computer games. Because this program does not install anything, however the program itself, feel safe when setting up it. This may a great deal! Thanks towards the developers! Like a programmer myself thank everyone for passing on free of charge! This really pushes me to create better still programs, your abilities work great.

Hello! I personally use your software a great deal and it is great, however when I
lately up-to-date the recording editor I experienced something rather strange.

I really like the non-linear system, however in the brand new version you transformed an order
from the tracks. Before, you moved tracks to the top "pile" to place
them most importantly another video tracks within the final video, however in the brand new
version you need to place the tracks at the base to encourage them to display
over the other video tracks within the final version. That does not make any
sense in my experience, and that i much preferred that old way.

I thank in advance, the assistance that you simply offer me for to resolve these

I'm creating a basketball highlight video together with your editor application. For every scene, I import a relevant video clip of the play, have a snapshot from the first frame and put it while watching clip, after which overlay the snapshot by having an picture of a yellow arrow (transparent background) pointing towards the player. I add fade-in and fade-out effects towards the arrow once it's in position.
I must streamline the procedure if at all possible. Listed here are my questions:

1 Can you really possess a standard setting to ensure that all pictures are instantly set to two seconds in duration? It might save considerable time basically did not need to by hand set each one of these at 2 seconds.
2. After I have a snapshot, the file seems within the assets window, however i can't do anything whatsoever like drag and drop it in to the timeline. I have used the "add image" button to obtain the image on my small computer and add it this way. Can there be anymore efficient method of getting the snapshot in to the timeline? Ideally, it might just come in the timeline instantly

after i hit the "create snapshot" button. Can there be any faster method of getting an overview in to the timeline compared to clicking the "add image" button and moving towards the file location on my small computer?

3. After I add some arrow overlay to every scene, I by hand program it for fade-in and fade-out. Quite simply, for every highlight within the video, I must click "video effects" > "transparency" > "fade in" after which "video effects" > "transparency" > "diminish.Inch It really works but takes considerable time when increased by the amount of moments within my video. Can there be in whatever way with an arrow image preset using the fade-in and fade-out effects, to ensure that with every new highlight, I'm able to just add some image within the timeline and also the

Best audio editing software FREE!
Best audio editing software FREE!
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Best free video, audio, editing software
Free Audio Editing Software
Free Audio Editing Software
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